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School of Chemical Sciences

News and Events

News and Events



September 2017

Dr. Blanaid White's research in using analytical chemistry for environmental/food quality monitoring, is currently featured in an article of  Silicon Republic as part of their "Women Invent" series.  To read more, see here

August 2017

The protection of waters in Europe is regulated by the Water Framework Directive (WFD). Compliance with the WFD is carried out primarily using spot sampling, but continuous monitoring of our waters using passive sampling devices (PSDs) can potentially improve detection capabilities by orders of magnitude. Significant progress has been made in the use of PSDs for routine monitoring, but some barriers remain that prevent their regulatory acceptance for checking compliance under the WFD. Dr. Blánaid White in the SCS is leading an Interreg funded project, Monitool, which aims to adapt Environmental Quality Standards (EQSs) suitable for PSDs, which will allow their use to evaluate the chemical status of waters under the WFD. For more information about Monitool see here.

June 2017

49th Chemistry Olympiads

Three members of Team Ireland have been awarded Bronze medals at the 49th International Chemistry Olympiad in Thailand. Nearly three hundred students from seventy six countries took part in the Olympiad. The competition involved both practical and theoretical tasks in Chemistry, spanning all aspects of Organic, Physical, Analytical and Inorganic chemistry. The Irish students performed well in the laboratory work and were able to tackle complex theoretical problems. For more news on this prestigious event click here.

69th Irish Universities Chemistry Research Colloquium

The School of Chemical Sciences hosted the 69th Irish Universities Chemistry Research Colloquium on the 21st and 22nd June this year. This annual conference is run under the auspices of the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland, ICI, and brings together postgraduate researchers in chemistry from across the island of Ireland. The format of the meeting was changed from previous years in order to try to foster a stronger community spirit amongst our national chemistry postgraduate students. For more information see here.

April 2017

Schools Analyst Competition 2017
The inaugural heat for the Republic of Ireland for the Schools Analyst Competition was run on the 25th of April 2017 at the School of Chemical Sciences D.C.U. A total of seven schools participated on the day in a practical competition that concerned the analysis of a fizzy drink by various techniques.
For information click here.

February 2016

Secondary Schools – Environmental Science field trip
To see a video clip of the annual DCU Environmental Science and Health Field Trip with Students from Trinity Comprehensive Secondary school.
For information click here.

To see image galleries from other field trips past and present that are associated with the DCU Environmental Science Degree Programme, please  see here.