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Dr John O'Sullivan

School of Communications

Name: Dr John O'Sullivan
Department: School of Communications
Work Area: School of Communications (Glasnevin Campus)
Role: Academic Staff
Phone Number: Ext. 5704
Email Address:
Room: C176

Biographical Details

John O'Sullivan lectures in journalism and communications at the School of Communications, Dublin City University, where he initiated online journalism courses at postgraduate and undergraduate levels.

He has a background in news and features journalism with the Irish Independent, where he was Assistant Features Editor. He covered computing and communications, establishing, editing and writing for the newspaper's first digital technology section, which focussed on consumer and business IT and the advent of the Internet. Later, he worked with The Irish Times.

He has experience of magazine editing, online publishing ventures, and editorial content management systems, along with other digital media technologies and platforms, and in training and consultancy. He has developed and delivered a wide range of modules.

His research interests concern communication technology and society, and have centred in particular on the interplay of journalism and the Internet, especially in relation to professional roles, media platforms and interactivity. He is a member of the editorial board of Digital Journalism, and was vice-chair in the founding executive committee of the Journalism Studies Section of the European Communication Research and Education Association.

Other activities have included participation in EU-funded research into content, practices and values in online news in Europe, and in the evaluation of COST media research actions and of the BBC-led iLearn distance education project in India.

Research Interests

Research proposals are welcome in the areas of journalism values and practice in online news, migration of classic media online, news design and format in print and online, interactivity, social media, citizen and participatory journalism, media ethics, democracy and transparency, media representation, and media, technology and society.



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