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Dr James O'Higgins Norman

Education Studies

Name: Dr James O'Higgins Norman
Department: Education Studies
Role: Academic Staff
Phone Number: Ext. 7417
Email Address:
Room: CA123

Biographical Details

Dr. James O'Higgins Normanis a Senior Lecturer in SociologyandDirector of the National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre (ABC). He isbest known for his research on homophobic bullying in secondary schoolswhich has drawn internationalmedia attention and was instrumental in parliamentary proceedings in Ireland and at the EU Commissionwhenthese bodies weredebating the implementation of policy and laws onbullying in schools. Other research interests include gender andcyberbullying, and diversity and bullyingin schools.He isalso very interested in the compatibilities and tensions between education and religion in secular societies.Previously, he has written on school ethosfrom thestandpoint of school patronage and management and proposed a rethinking of the role of the churches in schools.Prior to coming to DCU in 2000, O'Higgins Norman was a member of the NCCA Sub-Committee on Intercultural Education. He alsotaught professional ethicsat University College Dublin and was a teacher in a post-primary school.

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