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Name: Dr Majella McSharry
Department: Education Studies
Role: Academic Staff
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Biographical Details

Dr Majella McSharry is a lecturer in Sociology at the School of Education Studies. Majella also qualified and worked as a secondary school teacher. In 2006 she completed a PhD in Sociology at NUIM entitled 'Schooled Bodies: Adolescents Encountering Complexities in the Pursuit of Embodied Validation'. She was one of two Doctoral students in Ireland to be awarded a three year scholarship by the National Children's Office in 2002 to undertake her research. In the past Majella has lectured on the Sociology of the Body, the Sociology of Education, on the area of 'Adolescence' and on Research Methods in colleges such as NUI Maynooth, St. Patrick's College Drumcondra and the National College of Art and Design. Majella is an Advising Examiner for CSPE with the State Examinations Commission and is an expert assessor for CSPE with the Teaching Council of Ireland. She was an executive member of the Educational Studies Association of Ireland from 2006-2012, where she acted as the Association's annual conference coordinator. She is currently an executive member of the Ubuntu network and of RCE Dublin, the regional centre for expertise in in Education for Sustainable Development. She is the Research Convenor for the School of Education Studies and also acts as the DCU representative on the St. Patrick's College Drumcondra Research Ethics Committee.

Research Interests

The sociology of the body and particularly the embodied narratives of children and adolescents. The experiences of Irish youth in second level schools with regard to teaching and learning and the dynamic of peer networks. Gender studies and the construction of gendered identities, with particular reference to participation in school sport. Citizenship education focusing on the school structures that facilitate student action.



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