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New Codes

10100UGrad Full Time
10101UGrad Part Time
10102PGrad Taught Full Time
10103PGrad Taught Part Time
10104P/G Research Full Time
10105P/G Research Part Time
10107Part Time Repeat
10108Capitation Levy
10109Development Levy
10110Student Centre Levy
10113Replacement Documentation
10116Finance charges
10201Intercompany Interest
10202Money Market Deposit Interest
10203Other Interest
10308Recoupment - Salaries
10309Recoupment - Other
10310Subscription receipts
10311Donation receipts
10312Sale of examination papers
10313Conference income
10314Conference catering income
10319Stationery sales
10320Spar sales
10321Commission on vending machines
10322BWG rebate
10323Revenue Contributions received
10324Tender Income
10325Print Room Income
10326Rental Income
10327New residence - rent
10328Summer business
10329Contract Income
10330Non contract Income
10331Consumables recharge
10332Active for Life
10333Cardiac rehab classes
10334Admission charges
10335St Clares pitch hire
10336Advertising space
10337Corporate Membership income
10339St Clares astro turf
10340Equipment rentals
10341Hall hire
10342NCEF Course
10343Special events
10344Retail products
10356Licence fees - rent
10357Concept desk space - rent
10358Box office receipts
10359Box office commission
10360Bar receipts
10361Front of house receipts
10362Venue Hire
10363Individual Patrons Scheme
10366Course In House
10367ELT Courses
10370Project Income
10371Corporate Groups Income
10372Walk Ins
10373VIP Lettings
10374Phase 1 Lettings Old Res
10375Phase 2 Lettings New Res
10376Phase 3 Lettings Pgrad
10377Phase 4 Lettings
10378Saturday Camp
10380Disability Funding
10381Commission on laundrette
10383Bed Linen
10384Advertising contra
10385Staff Contra
10386Xerox Income
10389Confectionery Income
10390Carpark Income
10391Cloakroom Income
10392Merchandising Commission
10393Programme Commission
10394Public Telephone
10400Sale of class Materials
10401Room rental
10402Inter unit school income
20100Research salaries Permanent
20101Research salaries Temporary
20102Research salaries Part Time
20104Postgrad Studentships Salaries
20301Operations salaries Temporary
20302Operations salaries Part Time
20303Operations salaries Overtime
20600Pension Company costs
20701Exam Scripts
20804Nurse Tutor Buy Backs
20805Project Manager
20806Cleaning Staff Salaries
20807Seasonal Salaries
27000Tutor Travel
30006Course Student Monitoring
30008Courses Teaching
30009Course Advertising
30011Assessment Entry
30013Guest & External Lecturers
30016Text books
30017Course Expenses Inhouse
30019Final Year Project Costs
30020Taught P/G Project Costs
30101Computer literature
30104Library Technical Services
30200Education Services
30205External Courses & Seminars
30208Recharge HEA Grant General
30209Recharge Photocopying
30211Recharge Postage
30212Recharge Courier Delivery
30213Recharge Institute Membership
30214Secondment Costs Other
30215Secondment Costs (ICT Advisors)
30303Catering Svcs
30307Sports facilty equipment contracts
30308Sports Cardiac Rehabilitation
30314Students union
30315Student Entertainment
30318Postgrad fees
30323Scholarship funding PG/UG
30331Student Centre Levy
30332Capitation Levy
30333Development Levy
30335Skills Survey
30336Postgrad Res Costs
30337Access Initiative
40006Technical Research
40007Research Allocation
50000Computer Services
50005Computer HW Maintenance
50006Software Licences & support
50007Intranet Maintenance
50113Pest Control
50131Premises Maintenance
50132Car Park
50133Industrial Maintenance
50138Non Capital Equipment
50139Workshop Materials
50140Refurbishment Costs
50141Workshop Consumables
50503Other Stationery
50601Equipment hire/Rental
50604Flowers & Plants
50605Linen Hire
50607DBSF Lease
50608Post grad Lease
50609Car park Lease
50610Car park Equip Lease
50611Restaurant Lease
50612Student Centre Lease
50613Rent Payable
60109Flights - EU
60110Flights - NON EU
60112Car Hire
60116Campus Travel
60201Relocation exps
60207Fee refunds
60211Recruitment Fair
60302Corporate Membership fees
60303Professional fees
60306Company Secretary costs
70220Bad Debts
70222Loan Interest
70223Interest Late Payments
70224Rejected CC & chq payments
70228Merchant charges
70229IIB Interest
70230Intercompany Interest
70231Student Centre loan interest
70232CRD Loan Interest
70233DCU loan Creche Interest
70234Term Loan Interest
70235Car park loan Interest
70236Restaurant term loan Interest
70237Block x Interest
80000St Patricks Drumcondra
80001Mater Dei Institute
80002Active for Life exps
80008Bar Consumables/expenses
80009Bar Stocktaking costs
80010Allocation to central services
80012Box Office Exps
80013BWG fees
80014Car park operating exps
80015Cardiac rehab exps
80016Creche R&R
80018First aid
80019Host family costs
80022Open day & Gala night exps
80023Performance exps
80024Performance fees
80026Retail products
80027Grand Royalties
80028IMRO Royalties
80029Summer camp costs
80030Team Building
80031Translation charges
80032Xerox Ltd Facilities Mgt
80033Discount allowed
80034Discount received
80037Donation to DCU
80039Motor Vehicle Expenses
80041Get Active
80044Research - Use of NCTCC Facilities
80047Spar Contribution to Students Union
80050Saturday Camp
80060Kitchenware Replacements
80062Bed Linen Replacements
80063Cable Link Charges
80066Project Management Expenses
80067Industrial Project Costs
80068DCU Lecturers fees
80069Casual Crew costs
80071Volunteer Steward Exps
80072Transfer from Stores
80075Catering Expenses

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