Updated January 2016.

PPS Number Personal Public Service Number

Step 1. Applying for a Personal Public Service (PPS) Number.

A PPS number is an individual's unique identification number for all dealings with the Public Service, including Social Welfare, tax, education and health services. You may already have a PPS number, if you are an Irish National and:

  • Were born in Ireland after 1971
  • Registered for tax since 1979
  • Were in receipt of Social Welfare Benefit payment
  • Were issued with a Social Services Card.

If you do not hold a PPS Number, you must first register with the Department of Social Protection by following the steps as outlined via the link below

Your PPS Number is very important and you should keep a permanent record of it.

Always quote the number when writing or calling to your Revenue office, or to the Department of Social Protection. This will avoid unnecessary delay.

Step 2. Complete a Form 12A and send it to your Revenue Office.

Upon notification of your PPS number from the Department of Social Protection, you should give the number to your employer and also complete the Revenue Form 12A - Application for a Certificate of Tax Credits and Standard Rate Cut-Off Point. Your employer can supply any relevant information that you need to complete this form, e.g. their Employers PAYE Registered Number. The completed Form 12A should then be sent to your Revenue office. (see paragraph 10)

Revenue will send you a Certificate of Tax Credits (P2C) and at the same time issue a Certificate of Tax Credits to your employer so that correct deductions of tax can be made from your salary.