International Centre for Innovation and Workplace Learning

Creativity: Enhancing our Vision of the Future

Post-primary teachers from Ireland and USA attend an EU Seventh Framework Pathway project workshop on a Computational Approach to Inquiry. DCU 13th & 14th February 2012.The centre brought post-primary teachers from Ireland and USA together for the first set of workshops and seminars on a Computational Approach to Inquiry which took place in DCU on 13th & 14th February 2012. This was jointly organised with the University of Bayreuth, Germany and the Shodor Institute, USA as part of the EU Seventh Framework Pathway project.

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The Centre was officially launched in 2011 at the International DIVERSE Conference  'Creativity: Enhancing our Vision of the Future' which took place at DCU. It currently plays an active role in the organisation of the International Conference on Computer Supported Education. The Centre consists of DCU academic staff from Education Studies, School of Computer Applications and Mater Dei Institute of Education who have a wide range of key skills and research interests and who are committed to conducting research that has practical and positive impact for individuals, institutions/organisation, as well as wider society.

Since its inception the Centre has been at the forefront in forging collaborative links with other national and international organisations and institutions. It has established a successful partnership with the Global e-Schools and Communities Initiative (GeSCI), a United National ICT Task Force, to support leadership development across Africa.  It is also actively involved in European projects such as Play4Guidance, an Entrepreneurship project for education, business and development organisations and Inspiring Science Education which is bringing e-learning tools and resources to schools across Europe. The Centre is unique in that it is not only exploring what is happening in the workplace, but also involved in changing and designing new workplace practices, and digital artefacts for use in the workplace. In 2014 we were nominated for the President’s Award for Engagement. We link with professionals and leaders in a wide range of institutions and enterprise (e.g. IBM, SAP, Arvato, Hayes Culleton Ltd) including all levels of education and community and development organisations.

In 2014 we established an online, peer-reviewed international journal called the International Journal for Transformative Research (IJTR) in collaboration with De Gruyter open access publications. Over the past number of years we have organised a wide range of research events (e.g. Entrepreneurship, 3D Virtual Worlds, Simulation, Action research events.