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Selected Peer Reviewed Journals

  • J. Morris, A. Bunkenburg. 1998. Partiality and Nondeterminacy in Program Proofs. Formal Aspects Of Computing, 10,, pp76-96.
  • Joseph Morris. 1997. Non-Deterministic Expressions and Predicate Transformers. Information Processing Letters, 61, 5, pp241-246.
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  • Joseph Morris. 1980. Traversing binary trees simply and cheaply. Information Processing Letters, 9, 5, pp197-200.

Selected Books

  • J.M. Morris, B. Aziz, F. Oehl. 6th International Workshop on Formal Methods, British Computer Society, 2003.
  • J. Morris, R. Shaw. 4th BCS FACS Refinement Workshop, Springer Verlag, Workshops in Computing,, 1991.

Selected Chapters

  • J.M. Morris. 1990. Programming by expression refinement: the KMP algorithm. Beauty is our Business, Springer Verlag,
  • J.M. Morris. 1981. A proof of the Schorr-Waite algorithm. Theoretical Foundations of Programming Methodology, Reidel Publishing,
  • J.M. Morris. 1981. A General Axiom of assignment. Theoretical Foundations of Programming Methodology, Reidel Publishing,
  • J.M. Morris. 1981. Assignment and linked data structures. Theoretical Foundations of Programming Methodology, Reidel Publishing,


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