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Life Sciences and Health

Overview of DCU's Research Areas

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Strengthen your research capacity and enhance your competitive advantage

Invent DCU launches Life Sciences Guide

Dublin City University is seeking to increase its engagement with strategic partners in the Life Sciences sector and invites companies to explore how a partnership with the University can enhance their competitive advantage. The Invent DCU team has produced a new life Sciences Guide. This publication is an excellent resource for Life Science companies who can now readily identify complementary research activity and expertise across the University that can be leveraged to enhance in-house R&D.
The brochure outlines DCU's capability in Life Sciences across a range of disease focus areas and platform enabling technologies. It also presents the many world-class specialist facilities and equipment which can be accessed through DCU.

DCU Life Sciences Guide (PDF)

Further Information

For further information on our licensing opportunities please contact our business development manager:

Emma O'Neill – Life Sciences
Tel: +353 1 700 7741