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Name: Dr Olivia Smith
Department: Law and Government
Role: Law
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Biographical Details

Olivia Smith is a graduate of University College Cork (BCL; LL.M) and the University of Edinburgh (PhD). She previously held lectureships at the School of Law, University of Liverpool and at the Faculty of Law, University College Cork before coming to lecture at DCU in 2006. She has been a visiting scholar at Cornell University Law School (August - December 2002) and at Emory University Law School (April 2006). Olivia is a Board member of the Ballymun Community Law Centre. Olivia is part of the global affiliated faculty on the Vulnerability and Human Condition Project at Emory University - She spent 2013-14 as visiting scholar at the Faculty of Law, McGill University, Montreal.

Research Interests

Discrimination Law, in particular disability and gender discrimination; inequality and social exclusion, caring and the law.



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