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RefWorks - Frequently Asked Questions



Problem with title field when manually adding a New Reference

Problem with inserting text in title field. This only happens with Internet Explorer.
To address the problem you can change your brower or you need to employ what is known as “compatibility mode” in IE9. The easiest way to do this is to access the Tools menu in IE9, and then select the Compatibility View option so that a checkmark appears next to the entry on its left

Write-N-Cite won't start

Press Control-Alt-Delete on your keyboard. Depending on the Windows version you are using, you will either be taken to a menu where you can select Task Manager or you will be taken directly to the Task Manager. Once you have launched it, click on the Processes tab. Scroll through the list and look for something like WRITENCITE.EXE. Select this and then click on End Process in the bottom right corner. Click Yes when prompted to do so.

Next, add Write-N-Cite as a trusted application to your computer’s firewall and any security/anti-virus software on your computer. Click here for instruction on this. Now, try launching Write-N-Cite from your computer's Start menu, not from the button in MS Word.

Problems formatting my paper with Write-N-Cite III

Write-N-Cite III formatting relies on hidden code in the Word document. The code can be damaged from multiple editing sessions or using an older version of Write-N-Cite. To correct this:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Write-N-Cite installed (version III). When you open Write-n-Cite, "Write-N-Cite III" should be in the top left corner of the window. Instructions on how to install it here.
  2. Open your paper in Microsoft Word. Open Write-N-Cite III and log in.
  3. Click on Tools > Revert to WNC v.2 Document.
  4. Click on Revert.
  5. Save the document.
  6. Click on Tools > Convert to WNC III Document.
  7. Click on Convert
  8. Save the document.

Now format your document. If you've still having trouble, try following these instructions. And if that doesn't work, email us and include:

  • details of the problem
  • your RefWorks username and password
  • the problem Word document as an attachment.

I have lots of old references saved in a Word document. How can I transfer them to RefWorks?

Unfortunately there's no quick and easy way to do this.
If you have a document (or spreadsheet) with references, you can import them into RefWorks, however you must "tag" the references first. Tagging means separating them into pieces and putting a field identifier (aka tag) in front. We recommend you tag your references using the RefWorks Tagged Format. Handout (pdf) on how to tag references in Word, Excel or Access.

I'm leaving DCU soon. What about my RefWorks account?

Only current DCU staff and students have access to DCU's RefWorks subscription. When you leave DCU your DCU computer access and off-campus access rights will end. Your RefWorks account will continue to exist but you will not be able to access it.

Your options are:

If you want to save your references you must do this before you leave DCU. If you have already left DCU, contact us and we can can try to pass your saved references on to you.

How can I get the RefWorks group code?

You shouldn't need it. If you are accessing your RefWorks account, follow these instructions.

If you are accessing Write-N-Cite, you need to make a small change to the Write-N-Cite program on your computer:

  1. Click on Start > Programs > RefWorks > WNC Proxy Configuration Utility.
  2. Copy and paste in this URL:
  3. Click on OK.

Then follow these instructions for accessing Write-N-Cite off campus.

However, this method does not work for a small number of users, in which case you can need the DCU group code.
You will need your DCU username and password to access the group code  (Click here for group code)

Can I use RefWorks with LaTeX?

Yes, you can use RefWorks to store all your references and export them into LaTeX when writing your paper. Further details here.