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Nanotechnology - what's the big deal?

Event Date05-JUL-06
VenueDCU - 1838 Club
Time7.00 - 8.30pm
Event DetailsNanotechnology whats the big deal? Public discussion, Dublin City University, Wednesday 5 July, 7pm Imagine electronic devices made of elements so small that you can only see them with an exceptionally powerful microscope. Imagine materials so smooth that water cannot stick to them. Imagine drugs so fine that they pass through the gaps between cells in the human body. You are imagining some of the ways in which nanotechnology might be applied. A nanometre is a millionth of a millimetre. It is the length your finger nails grow each second. Scientists now have the means to manipulate materials at 100 nanometres, that is, at thousandths of the width of a human hair. The promise of nanotechnology is such that the US government has committed hundreds of millions of dollars a year to research in this area. The Irish government is considering whether it should be making similar investments. Come to a public discussion at DCU on Wednesday 5 July (7pm-8.30pm) and find out what the excitement is about. Why do scientists want to work with such tiny objects? What might science gain from further work in this area? What are the likely benefits and risks for society? Nanoscientists Professor Robert Forster and Dr Mike Hopkins will be present, and they will provide essential scientific information. Some background information materials will be provided. But, whatever your interest or experience in science, and whatever your knowledge of nanotechnology, your views are important to this occasion. We want to hear what hopes or fears you might have about this kind of research. Come to the discussion in DCUs 1838 Club (upstairs lounge). If you are driving, enter DCU campus from Collins Avenue, and park in the main car park. By bus,  take the 11, 13, 0r 19A from the city centre and enter DCU from Ballymun Road. Follow the signs. Light refreshments will be served. If you can come, please confirm your attendance to

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