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Rince Institute

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Academic Staff

Dr. Martin Collier
Director, Rince Institute
martin.collier@dcu.ie  5135 
Prof. Patrick McNally
Head of School
patrick.mcnally@dcu.ie  5119 
Prof. Liam Barry
Associate Dean for Research 
liam.barry@dcu.ie 5431 
Prof. Barry McMullin
Dean of Faculty
barry.mcmullin@dcu.ie  5432 
Prof. Paul Whelan
Professor of Computer Vision
paul.whelan@dcu.ie  5489 
Dr. Stephen Daniels
Director, Sustainable Economies & Societies Hub 
Dr. Conor Brennan 
conor.brennan@dcu.ie  7649
Dr. Xiaojun Wang
Head NIC Lab
xiaojun.wang@dcu.ie  5808 
Dr. Gabriel-Miro Muntean  
gabriel.muntean@dcu.ie  7648 
Dr. Pascal Landais
Head HSDS Lab
pascal.landais@dcu.ie  8044 
Dr. Derek Molloy  derek.molloy@dcu.ie  5355 
Dr. Jennifer McManis  jennifer.mcmanis@dcu.ie  8043
Dr. Marissa Condon  marissa.condon@dcu.ie  5405 
Dr. Ronan Scaife  ronan.scaife@dcu.ie  5434 
Dr. Anthony Holohan  anthony.holohan@dcu.ie  5107 
Dr. Noel Murphy  noel.murphy@dcu.ie  5433 
Dr. Robert Sadleir  robert.sadleir@dcu.ie  8592
Ms. Jennifer Bruton  jennifer.bruton@dcu.ie 5034 
Dr. Darragh O'Brien  darragh.obrien@dcu.ie 5645




Name Role Campus Room Tel
Dr Prince Anandarajah S329 7537
Mr Sean Begley Research Engineer S132 7588
Dr Tarik A Chowdhury Research Officer S132 6215
Prof Thomas Curran S319 5128
Ms Julia Dietlmeier Research Assistant S132 7738
Mr Aubrey Dunne Research Assistant S128 6215
Dr Dana Ghita Post Doc Researcher S132 7535
Dr M. Julius Hossain Post Doc S132 7637
Dr M. Julius Hossain Post Doc S132 7637
Dr Diego Lugones S340 5869
Prof Barry McMullin DCU Glasnevin Campus S318 5432
Dr Sabine Moebs S328 7666
Dr David Sadlier N207 6007
Frank Smyth 7993
Dr Regan Watts S319 7640