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Health & Safety

Health & Safety at DCU

Health & Safety organisation within DCU.

Health & Safety Groups Composition & Terms of Reference

    1. Health & Safety Organisation in DCU (Powerpoint Document)
    2. Health & Safety Steering Group Terms of Reference
    3. Health & Safety Consultation Group Terms of Reference
    4. DCU Health and Safety Steering Group Minutes (DCU login required)
    5. DCU Health and Safety Consultation Group Minutes (DCU login required)

DCU Health & Safety Steering Group (Reporting to Executive)

Membership:  2017 (3 year term)

      • Declan Raftery (Chair)
      • Paula Kierans (H&S Manager)
      • Amanda Kavanagh (Recording Secretary)
      • Anne Sinnott (Dean DCUBS)
      • Mick Burke (Faculty of Science & Health)
      • Ger McEvoy (Estates Office)
      • Gareth Yore (Human Resources)
      • Anne O'Connor (Senior Disability Officer)
      • TBA (DCU Safety Representative)
      • TBA (DCU Safety Representative)
      • Una Redmond (DCU Safety Representative)
      • TBA (Faculty of Engineering/Computing)
      • David O'Callaghan (Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences)

DCU Health & Safety Consultation Group -  Membership 2017

Paula KieransHealth & Safety Manager (Chair)
Amanda KavanaghHealth & Safety Office (Recording Secretary)
Paula HawkinsHealth & Safety Advisor
Philip DaughenFire Safety Officer
Martin QuinnDCUBS
Jenny ButterlyDCUBS
Jim DoyleFaculty of Engineering & Computing
Triona KirwanOVLPI/Registry
Damien McGuirkFaculty of Science & Health
Sinead ElliottFaculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Sandra ForsterOpen Education
Suzanne CampbellFinance Office
Michael WoodsEstates Office
Una RedmondOffice of Student Life (DCU Safety Representative)
Therese DanaherNursing & Human Science
TBADisability & Learning Support Service
TBADCUSU Representative

Membership: (3 year term)

      • DCU Health & Safety Officer (Chairperson)
      • 2 x Representatives from each Faculty (ideally 1 x Academic, 1 x non academic)
      • 2 x Representatives from OVPLI (Ideally 1 x Registry/T&L, 1 x Student Support & Development/IBR)
      • 1 x Representative from DCU Estates Office
      • 1 x Representative from DCU Finance Office
      • 1 x Representative from DCU Disability Office
      • 1 x Representative from DCU President/Secretary Office
      • 1 x Representative from DCU Students Union Executive
      • 1 x Representative from DCU Postgraduate Students Grouping
      • 1 x Representative from the DCU Human Resources Dept
      • 1 x Representative from ISS
      • 1 x Representative from DCU Library

Terms of Reference:

To provide a formal mechanism for DCU staff to consult on safety, health and welfare at work issues in the University

To provide a forum where unresolved local issues or ongoing problems are raised for the attention of University management and/or the Health & Safety Steering Group

To elect 2 x Safety Representatives to the University Health & Safety Steering Group

To meet quarterly (in advance of the Health & Safety Steering Group)

The Role of Health & Safety Consultation Group Members is as follows;

      1. to liaise with fellow staff of the Unit/Faculty regarding occupational health and safety issues
      2. to act as a conduit to bring health and safety issues raised by fellow staff to the attention of the H&S Consultation Group and/or the H&S Office.
      3. to provide feedback to the Faculty/Unit from the Health & Safety Consultation Group / Health & Safety Office.
      4. The role of Health & Safety Consultation Group Members is NOT to be responsible for occupational health and safety management within the Faculty/Unit (unless already included in their normal job description)
      5. Consultation Group Members are not required to seek permission of Faculty / Unit Head to refer issues raised by staff to the H&S Consultation Group / H&S Office


In accordance with Section 27(3) of the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005, DCU will ensure that NO H&S Consultation Group Member is penalised for carrying out activities appropriate to that role. In addition Group Members will be given time away from normal duties to enable them to acquire knowledge and training and to discharge their role.

Requirements for the Role

Attend 1 x day occupational health and safety training. Be willing to interact with staff at local level to examine and seek resolution (through H&S Office / Consultation Group etc.) to issues raised. Attend quarterly meetings of the Health & Safety Steering Group Be willing to provide feedback to staff at local level following Group meetings.