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Transforming Dialogues

Towards a renaissance in open communication

Overcoming Oppressive Communication that Maintain Marginalisation in Local and Broader Communities Through Open Dialogue and the Experience of Trialogue.

A one day interactive conference where speakers, performers and conference participants will explore the prevailing impact of dysfunctional oppressive communication patterns on marginalised communities.

3 figures with speech bubbles - Talk, Listen, UnderstandThe practice of ‘open dialogue’ through the experience of ‘Trialogue’ will be discussed and played out as an innovative, creative and effective process for marginalisation in communities to be uncovered and redressed.

‘How can we speak out, be heard, understood and as citizens have an equal say in how we can live our lives’

The conference will be of particular interest to people experiencing marginalisation, their families and those who provide services to them - from the areas of:

  • Mental health
  • Intellectual disability
  • Older people
  • Youth
  • Other culturally diverse groups in society

For further information:
Email: audrey.leonard@dcu.ie
Download: Transforming Dialogues Flyer
Web: www.trialogue.co
Print: Conference programme

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  Programme Content
9am Welcome and Introduction to the day's schedule
9.30am Theatre of the Oppressed with D’Illussionary Players & Aidan Conron
(a series of short performances to illustrate the impact of oppressive communication)
11am Interactive workshops
  1. Mask workshop: Exploring internal dialogue relating to marginalisation and dysfunctional communication
  2. Uncovering the process: impact of oppressive communication on trauma and the emergence of psychosis
2pm Marianne Schulze, Human Rights Consultant
‘Dysfunctional communications courtesy of the legal system’
2.45pm Michaela Amering, Paddy McGowan & Liam MacGabhann
Overcoming oppression – the place of Open Dialogue through ‘Trialogue’
3.30pm Trialogue Participants
‘Giving testimony to the effect of Open Dialogue ‘
4pm The experience of Open Dialogue in Action - ‘you and you and you….’