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Student Learning

 Discover DCU - a series of 8 short courses

Welcome to Dublin City University.  This series of 8 short interactive courses is designed to help get you settled in and introduce you to the tools you need to succeed at university. Work through each of the courses at your own pace, complete the activities and record your reflections on your Loop Reflect portfolio.

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Discover your DCU

Learn about the challenges that lie ahead and how to make the most out of your unique DCU experience.

Discover a balanced lifestyle

Pick up tips on how to can equip yourself so you can face the opportunities and challenges or student life.

Discover your community

Find out how you can become a real part of the DCU community. Learn about how to get involved and make an impact.

Discover university learning

Find out about different ways of learning at university and how to get the most out of them.

Discover study skills

Discover key skills so you can grow as a student. Including effective reading and note making, critical thinking and group work.

Discover organisational skills 

Pick up practical strategies and ideas to help you keep on top of your workload.

Discover assignment writing

Find out how to write a clear and focused academic paper.

Discover exam success

Pick up tips and strategies. Learn how to prepare for and succeed in your university exams.

Login in to Discover DCU by accessing your Loop homepage.