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Jonny Cooper, BSc Sport Science and Health

Sports Scholarship Recipient 

Attending DCU and indeed the DCU Sports Academy has been a life changing experience for me. It has given both my family and me an enormous amount to be proud of and it is no coincidence that since coming to DCU both my on-field and personal development has continued and indeed flourished. Not only have I been fortunate to be on many successful teams in my five years in DCU but the Sports Academy has supported me in numerous ways, for example providing grinds in various areas of study, financial support towards my fees, nutritional advice, strength and conditioning, the use of their world class sporting facilities, medical advice and most importantly, the Sports Academy gave me the opportunity to learn from people all around Ireland on and off the field.

In both academics and sport, my aim is to learn and take in as much as possible as often as possible. World renowned lecturers such as Professor Niall Moyna, sports stars such as the late Darren Sutherland and Fionnuala Britton were all around to learn from, not to mention personal GAA role models of mine such as Bryan Cullen, Paul Flynn and Stephen Cluxton. The Sports Academy is less than ten years old and, together with the support of our sponsors, it has managed to produce many successful athletes such as Olympians, paralympians, GAA All stars and All-Ireland winning captains in recent years.

For more information on the DCU Sports Scholarship Programme, visit Sports Scholarships


Patrick Sweeney, BA International Relations 

Access Scholarship Recipient

I went to secondary school in St. Declan's College C.B.Sin Cabra, considered a socio-economically disadvantaged area. I found out about the Access program during sixth year. One of the members of the DCU Access team came to our school and gave a talk about the program and the possibilities it provided. I remember leaving the talk thinking that there was actually a chance that I just might be able to go to college.

When I started my course in DCU, I made the decision that I was going to get the most out of college life. I was not going to waste this opportunity I had been given. I knew I had the full support of my family and the Access team. The last few years have literally been a whirlwind. One of the biggest things that the DCU Access Programme allowed me to do both financially and in terms of having the confidence to do, was to go on Erasmus. I never would have considered leaving the country for more than a week before I started the Access Programme. After working for the summer and with the financial boost that the Access Programme provided me, I was able to afford to spend a year abroad in Budapest, Hungary.

I would never have dreamed any of this possible and honestly it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of those in the Access Programme. I’m even considering going on to do a PhD. A few years ago I would have been joking when I said that. Access has helped make it a possibility. The DCU Access Programme has given me and many people I know a chance.

For more information on the DCU Access Scholarship Programme, visit Access for Talent.