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I am an Associate Professor in the School of Mathematical Sciences in Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland.

My core research involves astrophysical fluid simulations. For this I have written several codes to simulate everything from jets from young stellar objects to non-thermal particle acceleration at the relativistic shocks of gamma ray bursts (see my list of publications ).

The current focus is principally in two areas: the development and saturation of the magnetorotational instability in accretion disks around protostars, and magnetic field amplification in the cosmic-ray precursors of supernova blastwaves. The Computational Astrophysics Group always interested in hearing from people who want to do PhDs or post-doctoral work with us.

We use Tier-0 (e.g. JUQUEEN) and the TIER-1 resources of ICHEC. We have been successful in leading projects awarded resources by PRACE, the EU Research Infrastructure for High Performance Computing.

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