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How do you Cite & Reference


Introduction to the Harvard Style


Harvard, often referred to as ‘Name and Date’ format, is one of many citation styles. While it is the one most commonly used in DCU, you should still verify with your lecturer which style you are required to use. Even within the Harvard style there are many variations. This tutorial outlines the Harvard style as used by DCU and detailed in the DCU Library Guide to Harvard Style of Citing & Referencing.

If you are required to use a citation style other than Harvard, check your school's style-sheet/guidelines. For links to other styles go to our section on
'Other Citation Styles' - or visit the Citing & Referencing page on the Library's website. The main point to remember is, whichever style you use, be consistent.

There are two basic elements to the Harvard style

In-text citation - When you refer to a source in your essay, whether by paraphrasing or direct quotation, you must include the author’s name and the year of publication of the item.

Reference list (full citation) - All in-text citations must have a corresponding detailed entry at the end of your essay in the reference list. This enables anyone reading your work to trace the sources you used.



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