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Student Advice Centre

Student Advising

In DCU, Student Advising is an intregal part of supporting students throughout their time at university.  Students may seek advice or guidance from a variety staff at various stages of their education, e.g. Careers, Programme Chairperson or Placement Coordiantor.  In the Student Advice Centre we have dedicated Student Advisers on both the Glasnevin and St. Patrick's campuses that can meet students on a one-to-one basis.  We can advise and guide a student on a range of areas including financial, academic, personal or professional.  Whether you are an incoming first year trying to settle in or a final year or postgraduate student getting ready for the workplace, we can meet with you and discuss your query.  Depending on the nature of the query, we may need to refer you to the relevant department for further discussion. We have an open door policy and welcome all students. 

What happens in a one-to-one consultation?

A student can drop into either of our two Student Advice Centre's (Glasnevin or St. Patrick's Campus) and meet with an adviser or make an appointment by email (  or by phone (01 700 7165 / 01 884 2004).  Your meeting will be held in a private office and is held in confidence.  Meetings can last from 15 minutes to one hour depending on the nature of the query.  Your adviser will listen carefully to your query and outline the advice or guidance you need in order to find a solution or outline what steps you need to take next.  For example if a student is looking to defer an exam, the adviser will give you a copy of the relevant forms to complete and advise you of the next steps to take.  For more complex cases, an email will be sent to you to follow up on the meeting outlining the next steps.  Advisers have access to all the relevant administrative forms that a student needs, relevant publications with extra information and staff contact list if a student needs to be refered. Staff will always work with you in a professional manner.

What type of queries can I discuss?

Queries we receive can include some of the below however we are open to dealing with any type of query that you may have.

Academic - Deferral of Year, extenuating circumstances, postponement of exams or exam results

Personal - Bereavement, not settling into university, extenuating circumstances or not being happy on your programme

Financial - Fees, financial assistance, budgeting or your SUSI grant

Professional - Academic skills support, professional development and how to succeed at university

To make an appointment:

Glasnevin - 01 700 7165 or

St. Patrick's - 01 884 2004 or