Clubs & Societies Leadership Programme

The Clubs & Socs Leadership Programme is a development programme for emerging student leaders at Dublin City University.  The programme is led by the Office of Student Life and Sports & Wellbeing. We recognise that the skills and competencies gained through involvement in clubs, societies, Student’s Union and volunteering are an integral part of the student experience and can give you the essential skills to develop your club, society or volunteer activity as well as employability skills that employers want! 

The Clubs & Socs Leadership Programme aims to provide a framework where you can learn and develop as you run your activities through development days, training, workshops and resources. The Clubs & Socs Leadership Programme is a key component of DCU’s Generation 21 initiative and Graduate Attributes. Generation 21 is a unique programme of initiatives whose purpose is to shape our graduates into well-rounded individuals ready to make an impact on society and on the workforce.

As a leader, you will have access to many exciting and challenging activities to develop your leadership skills.  Your leadership journey starts here!

For more information contact:

DCU Sports & Wellbeing

T: +353 1 700 5625 


Head of Clubs & Societies 


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