Life Coaching

"Believe in your many strengths and follow the pathway that benefits you".

Students face many demands when attending university and need the relevant resources to meet their demands.  Research has shown that coaching is a beneficial approach to enhance resilience and self-efficacy (Grant, Curtayne and Burton, 2009).  Strengths development when connected to coaching can have a positive impact on engagement, well-being and performance (Miglianico et al., 2019). 

The coaching process addresses speific personal projects, successes, goals and transitions in the students’ life, by examining what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to help you move forward in life. You can work with a coach in DCU to help you reach your potential and achieve the goals you have set for yourself at university. If you are interested, you can book a one-to-one session or attend a workshop.


Student Coaching at DCU

The DCU Student Coaching programme is an initiative run by Student Support & Development.

Student Coaching at DCU : The Pathways to Success programme along with all student coaching initiatives were awarded 2nd place in The Education Awards 2021 (Communication and Engagement). The programme was also a finalist for the DCU Presidents Awards 2020. 

Student Coaching at DCU

Pathways to Success Coaching Programme

Our popular Pathways to Success Programme is run online.  We have lunchtime and evening programmes so students can choose a time that suits their schedule best.

Out of 205 respondents who completed the programme, 67% mentioned the programme increased their motivation, 74% increased their goal-setting skills, 52% increased self-belief and 50% increased self-awareness.

For more information on how to register and upcoming dates, go to

Student Coaching at DCU

My University Life podcast series.

Created for students but applicable to all, the My University Life podcast series explores topics relating to motivation and wellbeing.

Students and staff share stories and real-life experiences that will benefit at any stage of the learning journey.

Topics include strengths, goal-setting, motivation, values, and confidence.

Now available on Spotify - Link

Student Coaching at DCU

Bespoke coaching workshops for students.

Motivation is not a label.  It is fluid behaviour and can occur in your life at different times.  You can be motivated in one area of your life and not in another or one subject more than another within one semester. When we are 'intrinsically motivated’ we value something and are driven by the desire to do well because of a positive outcome in the future, for example performing well in an exam or assignment. The drive comes from within us because we are challenged by the activity or are curious.

The coaching process addresses specific personal projects, successes, goals, and transitions in the students’ life, by examining what is going on right now, discovering obstacles or challenges, and choosing a course of action to help move forward. This enables motivation to increase at university in a student's personal life. Examples of workshops include the 'Exam Success Week' and the 'Pathways to Success Programme'.

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