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During your time at university, you will have the chance to develop yourself academically, professionally, and personally. DCU offers numerous activities, frameworks, and tools to help you along this journey. Choose to engage in campus life and make the most of the developmental opportunities available to you. This will help you achieve your goals at university and reach your potential.

Personal support at university is important as it helps you settle into university life, succeed in your studies, make new friends and enjoy a quality lifestyle. Some examples of activities/services that can assist students in their personal development include healthcare services, counselling, disability support, spiritual guidance, financial assistance, and clubs & societies activities

personal development

Personal support has a positive impact on motivation and wellbeing and can increase academic performance.

For more information on the various activities, frameworks, and services that will assist you, browse the links below that are of interest to you.

Clubs & Societies
Counselling & Personal Development
Disability & Learning Support Service
Finance at University
Health Service
Sports & Wellbeing Service
Students’ Union

If you would like to speak to a Student Adviser about any of the above, contact details below:


Tel: 01 700 7165