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During your time at university you will have the chance to develop yourself academically, professionally and personally. DCU offers numerous activities, frameworks and tools to help you along this journey. Choose to engage in campus life and make the most of the developmental opportunities available to you. This will help you achieve your goals at university and reach your potential.

Your professional development at university is important as it helps you grow skills that will enhance your experience in the work place, after you graduate and in seeking meaningful employment. Some examples of activities that can assist students in their professional development include careers advice, mature student mentoring, volunteering, Integrated work placements and life coaching.  For more information on the various activities, frameworks and services that will assist you, browse the links below that are of interest to you.

Careers Service
Pathways to Success @ University Programme
Microsoft Study Smart
UStart Programme
Mature Student Mentoring

If you would like to speak to a Student Adviser about any of the above, contact details for each DCU campus are available in the tabs below:

Glasnevin Campus

For further information, contact

Location: Student Advice Centre

Tel: 01-700 6281


Location: Student Advice Centre

Tel: 01 700 7165

St. Patrick's Campus

For further information, contact:

Location: Room C103

Tel: 01-884 2164