If you have not successfully completed all the modules on your programme for the year (i.e. if you have failed, been recorded Ill or deferred), then you must take the module(s) again at the next available opportunity.  This is usually the Autumn Resit Examination Period.  If a module does not have an Autumn resit opportunity this will be noted in the module specification (i.e. as a category 2 module).

Dates for the Autumn resit examinations are included in the Academic Calendar.  Dates for submission of continuous assessment resits are advised by the Faculty/Chairperson/Module Coordinator.

Detailed information on Resits will be made available from your exam result page in June and on the Registry website at the following link:

Examinations Regulations and Information

If you do not successfully complete outstanding modules in the Autumn resit period, then you must repeat these in the next year.


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