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University life is exciting and challenging for most students – one of these challenges is building on your financial knowledge.  The costs of university can often come as a shock to students and parents/guardians alike.    

 Students have different levels of knowledge on financial management and budgeting - Part of your transition from under your parents/guardians wings to independence is taking time to understand and work on your own financial wellness.  

As a first year or any other year student, it is important to gain and retain 'Financial Wellness'.  Financial Wellness can be difined differently however, the basic definition can include: 

Daily-Monthly control over finances  /   Capable of absorbing unexpected expenses   /   Track and obtain financial goals   /   Obtain a level of financial freedom allowing positive decision making which in turn allows us enjoy life

Financial wellness starts somewhere – Consider how you value your financial knowledge and understand it.  Whether financially independent or dependent on parents/guardian’s – take this step now towards your development as an independent adult. 

The first step to gaining financial wellness is by changing your behaviour towards personal finances - Increased knowledge of information proivded will assist in this area.  Start planning now.  An action plan i.e. budget, can be developed from planning.  Budgets are not a 'once off' action, they require review on a weekly/monthly basis - This allows for keeping on track and and possible adjustments.  It takes effort but will stand to you in the long run. Ignorance of such concepts can often come a great price. 

Student Support & Development offer information on the following (click on link) - 

ESF Student Assistance Fund

1916 Bursary

Other Grants & Scholarships 

Financial Survival @ University

Remission of Fees Scheme

To asisst in planning/budgeting (samples set out in above links) contact 

Celine Geraghty   Financial Administrator   E:   T: 01 700 60 55