Student Advising Statement of Service

Statement of Service

The DCU Student Advice Centre, a unit of Student Support & Development is a service where students can access advice and guidance on all matters academic, personal and financial. Students can avail of confidential one-to-one meetings with a student adviser to discuss their query. Students can be referred to support services within SS&D.  Student Advisers deliver programmes and workshops to enhance the student experience.  We support students in their transition to university and throughout their student journey towards graduation.  The service is provided to the entire student population across all campuses and online.

What you can expect from us:

●     to provide advice and guidance on all matters academic, personal and financial (through one-to-one meetings, by phone or email). 

●     to actively listen to the student and to work through a variety of options available,  developing a personal support plan.

●     to provide a safe environment for a student to discuss personal concerns in a discreet manner. (limitations personal safety)

●     to provide accurate information to students and staff in a timely manner.

●     to deliver quality one-to-one/group life coaching programmes

●     to work with faculties to provide tailored support to students transitioning from university to placement environments.

●     to closely liaise with faculties to provide support and guidance.

●     to develop and maintain online and physical resources.

●     to maintain accurate records of all meetings, correspondence and decisions, in line with DCU Data Protection Policy.

●     to evaluate and develop the service by gathering and reflecting on service user feedback.

 How we can act on your behalf:

●     We link students with services within SS&D, across the University and external agencies.

●     We maintain strong relationships with faculties and University units and external agencies.

 What we expect from you:

●     To treat staff with respect.

●     To attend meetings and to give advance notice for rescheduling/cancelling meetings.

●     To take responsibility for following up on any agreed action plan.