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Age Friendly University

Modules Available

Semester Two (Feb - May 2017) modules are listed below.
If you click on the name of the module you are interested in, more information on the module will be displayed.

Semester Two (Feb - May) Modules

Human Development


Irish modules for Semester Two have yet to be confirmed, but will be posted soon. Items marked with an asterisk (*) have a maximum of three places available, and some weekly homework involved.


This list is a list of the modules that were available in Semester One (Sept - Dec). 



Participants may choose to register for these modules on a full participation or on an audit basis. 

Full participants will undertake all associated assessments which may consist of some or all examinations, projects, essays and class presentations. Successful completion will earn academic credits and performance will be formally recorded by the University. Such academic credits may contribute to completion of a formal academic award by the University.

All participants will attend all lectures (and seminars/tutorials where these are scheduled) and will have access to all learning materials for the module, including library and online resources.

Full participants will have unrestricted access to the on-campus study supports.

Participants taking the modules on an audit basis will be invited to complete a reflection on the learning gained on their completion of the modules and gain a certificate of participation. 

Scheduling of classes

Most modules involve two hours lectures per week and an associated tutorial for 12 weeks of semester/term.

Here is a map showing each building. 


Full participants €500 per module

Audit only participants €250 per module

All  fees should  be paid by bank giro credit transfer by 2nd February 2017. 

Here is a REGISTRATION FORM which should be printed, completed and returned with a bank giro payment to the Admissions Office in Registry, Henry Grattan Building, Glasnevin Campus, Dublin City University, Dublin 9, before the commencement of Semester 2 lectures. Final date for payment is 2nd February 2017 for Semester 2 modules.   (The registry office that receives payments is located opposite the Bank of Ireland in the Henry Grattan buillding.) 

As the History and Geography modules were added late, they are not listed on the form. Please contact Christine O'Kelly for an extended date for payment. For these and any queries relating to the Age Friendly Project and opportunities to engage, please contact: Christine O'Kelly AFU Project 01 700 8933 or email  christine.okelly@dcu.ie