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Age Friendly University

Learning Opportunities in Spring 2019

There will be two types of programmes offered in Semester 2 - (Jan - May) 2019

1. Audit/Credit Bearing modules  which will begin week beginning Monday, January 28th.

2. Love of Lifelong Learning Programme which will begin week beginning Monday February 11th - information is at the end of the page.

Audit and Credit Bearing Modules 

The list below outlines the confirmed modules for Semester Two 2019  (Jan - May). Modules are available subject to capacity.


Participants may choose to register for these modules in two ways:

1. Audit Modules

You may register to complete the Module  on an audit basis which means you can sit in on the lectures and participate in the class. Participants taking the modules on an audit basis will be invited to submit a short 300 word reflection and will be presented with a Certificate of Participation at the end of the Semester.

2. Credit Bearing 

You  may register to complete the Module for academic credit  which involves  undertaking all associated assessments which may consist of some or all examinations, projects, essays and class presentations.  Successful completion will earn academic credits and performance will be formally recorded by the University. Such academic credits may contribute to completion of a formal academic award by the University.  All participants will attend all lectures (and seminars/tutorials where these are scheduled) and will have access to all learning materials for the module, including library and online resources.  Full participants will have unrestricted access to the on-campus study supports.The cost of this is €500.00

Scheduling of classes

Most modules involve two hours lectures per week and an associated tutorial for 12 weeks of semester/term. You can check the timetable by clicking on the module.  This will bring you to the description of the module and timetable which is shown as the end of the section under Timetable.

Here is a map that show the location of each building on the Glasnevin campus.


Audit only participants €100 per module

Full participants €500 per module

All  fees should  be paid by credit giro quoting D02055 D10117 as the reference or by calling the AFU office at 01 700 6490 Monday to Wednesday.  When you have paid the fees please proceed Registry will be notified.  

Here is a REGISTRATION FORM which should be printed, completed and brought to  the Admissions Office in Registry, Henry Grattan Building, Glasnevin Campus, Dublin City University, Dublin 9, with a Photo ID  before the commencement of Semester 2 lectures. on January 28th.

Here is the TIMETABLE for the Modules below starting week of January 28th. Some timetables are still being finalised but will be posted as soon as we know the times.

You will need to phone the AFU office to arrange  payment.

Final date for payment is 25th January  for Semester 2 modules.   (The registry office is located opposite the Bank of Ireland in the Henry Grattan buillding.) 

For these and any queries relating to the Age Friendly Project and opportunities to engage, please contact: Ms. Helen Curran AFU Administrator  on 01 700 6490 or Christine O'Kelly AFU Coordinator 01 700 8933 or email

Modules Available

The following table shows a list of the modules that will be available in Semester Two (Jan - May 2019)
If you click on the name of the module you are interested in, more information on the module will be displayed.

Semester Two (Jan - May)

  • EL104
  • EL105
  • EL106
  • EL204
  • EL205
  • EL206
  • EN332
  • EN301
  • TP104
  • TP129
  • TP130
  • TP131
  • TP115
  • TP200
  • TP201
  • TP205
  • TP206
  • TP207
  • ED3048
  • CM102
  • CM157
  • CM152
  • CM261
  • CM278
  • CM286
  • LG101
  • LG104
  • LG112
  • LG113
  • LG120
  • LG125
  • LG123
  • LG211
  • LG231
  • LG320
  • EF108
  • EF114
  • MG101
  • MT118
  • ES311
  • ES5970
Human Development
  • HD312
  • HD318
  • RL212
  • RL311
  • RL312
  • GY102
  • GY104
  • GY214
Plant ScienceBE312
Mathemathical Sciences
Topics in AstroPhysicsMS445
Language and Culture
  • LC110
  • SP108
  • SP191
  • ZH191

Love of Lifelong Learning Modules Commencing Week beginning February 11th

These Modules will start week beginning February 11th.  Registrations for this programme are now being accepted.

They cost €50 and you can pay this by calling the AFU office and giving your bank details over the phone.  Alternatively we accept cheques and PO's made payable to  DCU AFU D02055 10177.

Modules for 2019:

  • Turning Points in History
  • Digitial Photography
  • Geneology
  • Lifewriting

Here is the  link to Register.