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The Advanced Transitions Programme @DCU

Helping you get the most out of your ‘third age’

Advances in lifestyle, nutrition and medicine mean we are living longer and retirement can be measured in decades, rather than years.

When you retire, are you prepared to step up and lead the thinking that shapes the future? Have you a desire to create a new legacy and contribute in a different way after your professional career? Have you as yet unrealised ambitions?

If the thought of exploring new horizons is appealing, the Advanced Transitions Programme (ATP) at Dublin City University might well be for you.

What is the structure of the programme?

The ATP is highly interactive, involving both individual and team assignments. A global dimension is possible through links to similar programmes abroad.

The programme starts in Spring 2017 with an intensive full-time week of activities. Participants then come together weekly for two 12-week terms. Terms run from March to May, and September to December

Participants may choose optional activities to complement the core modules. A maximum of 25 individuals from diverse backgrounds will be selected for each programme.

Interaction between participants and DCU students will be encouraged through advisory and mentoring activities. As a member of the DCU community, you will have access to a wide range of university resources.

What is the programme’s approach?

The ATP combines an academic approach with the latest thinking in personal development training. DCU’s academic expertise offers you cutting-edge thinking and in-depth resources on politics, economics and international relations.

The personal development strand helps you explore and define your life goals using your personal life experiences and resources.

Course modules:

Ignite The opening week focuses on your motivation for joining the programme and, by week’s end, you will have developed a personalized plan on how best to engage with the broad variety of activities on offer.
Positive psychology Positive Psychology methods will help you review and refocus in order to plan properly for this exciting new life phase.
Health Our experts will provide insights and advice on achieving optimal performance in physical and mental health.
Strategic management and organisational change You will receive guidance in how to scan the horizon for opportunities and how best to mentor individuals and facilitate organisational change.
Career planning Expert assistance will help you harness your unique talents to explore new career opportunities after your traditional career ends.
Entrepreneurship Seminars to feature entrepreneurs who have set up their own businesses will stimulate fresh thinking.
Frontiers of science and technology The opportunities, dilemmas and ethics of new scientific and technological advances will be explored and debated.
International relations forum Recognising the globalised world in which we live, international experts will be invited to address specific areas of interest to each group.
Economics, politics and society Experts will be invited to lead discussions on national and international economic, political and social developments.
Life review Workshops will help you analyse and narrate your life story by documenting significant life experiences which may open up new areas of interest or reveal latent, unrealised ambitions and passions.
Income security You will be encouraged to explore financial and tax related issues including: optimum income levels, balancing income, personal development and legacy issues.
Building networks and communities of interest This module will examine relationships, the importance of emerging social networks and how to replace professional relationships.
Social innovations Through a deeply immersive experience, each group will be encouraged to define fresh approaches and unique solutions to one of society’s pressing challenges.


“Aristotle defined a pathway to true happiness as doing our best at what we’re best at—for the benefit of others…”
- Prof. Charles Handy
The Second Curve


What is the Advanced Transitions Programme at DCU?

The Advanced Transitions Programme (ATP) is part of a suite of initiatives offered by DCU as an Age Friendly University. Combining academic, personal and professional development tasks and seminars, the programme empowers you to match your skills and experiences to the needs and challenges of tomorrow’s world. Guided by DCU academics and national and international thought leaders, the ATP provides the tools, resources, learning and time for reflection necessary to make this next life phase your best yet.

Society’s ‘grand challenges’

The ATP knows that people enjoying an extended third age have much to offer society. You can create a fulfilling retirement for yourself, while also preparing the next generation’s leaders to shape Irish society in the future.

The programme will focus on some grand societal challenges (eg homelessness, climate change, sustainability, migration) and encourages team approaches to envisage new structures, strategies and solutions, uncovering what your own unique part may be in its delivery.

What do I get at the end of the programme?

Participants who complete the Advanced Transitions Programme will receive a Certificate of Completion. Participants will also leave the programme with a personalised next-steps roadmap that outlines an individual personal pathway and the anticipated key milestones of a uniquely envisaged ‘third life’ journey.

Are you motivated to explore the possibilities in your ‘third age’ journey?


Mr Ronan King
Programme Director ATP@DCU


Tel: 01-700 5641

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