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Advanced Research Computing Centre for Complex Systems Modelling



We investigate interdisciplinary and complex problems that can be modelled computationally (see Figure). Each centre member comes with a range of different specialisms. By collaborating and leveraging this interdisciplinary expertise with DCU and national HPC infrastructure they work collaboratively to:

1. engage with different internal and external stakeholders on abstracting, modelling and solving their interdisciplinary problems;

2. develop/deploy flexible, cutting-edge solutions to such problems;

3. engage with Public and Private Sector funding agencies to develop/ enhance existing ‘Research Computing’ capabilities.


Research Computing is the infrastructure, applications, expert staff, policies, and resources required to support data-intensive research. By 2020 ARC-SYM will become the go-to National Centre of Excellence in ‘Research Computing’ for a range of generic and specialised services/ capabilities/ resources necessary for modelling/ simulation and predictive analytics complementary to those available in the hubs and existing Research Centres in this emerging, vital and to-date nationally unrecognised area. ‘Research Computing’ is strongly linked to University Research Intensity and Institutional Research maturity in Universities of all sizes.  With this centre, DCU will enhance its reputation nationally and internationally as a research-intensive University of Enterprise.

  • ARC-SYM meets the Research Computing needs of stakeholders internally and externally across private (SME to large multinational), public (state and semi-state), community and voluntary sectors.
  • ARC-SYM provides modelling and simulation consulting across a huge diversity of skillsets and access to infrastructure.
  • ARC-SYM actively collaborates nationally and internationally with research consortia.
  • ARC-SYM fosters valuable transferable skills such as flexibility, creativity, and problem solving skills across all our educational courses.

Our research spans computing, science, engineering and physics.  See individual pages for more.