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Attending DCU 2020/21: Everything Staff Need To Know

Safe Workplace

This is DCU

COVID-19 Guide For DCU Staff

For DCU staff, your first port of call should be to read the full detail of the measures put in place across our campuses along with substantial additional information in the Staff COVID-19 Guide.

Areas covered in the guide include - but are not limited to - face-to-face teaching, health declarations, timetabling, face coverings, cleaning and disinfection, ventilation and the winter flu vaccine support scheme.

We would like to reiterate to all our staff to please use the ‘Check-in’ function on DCU SafeZone app or desktop function when on campus.

Current Status

The government has decided, as of late December 2020, to move the country back to Level 5 of the Plan for Living with COVID.  For more detailed information on what that means, click here to visit the website.

As you are aware, DCU's planning from the beginning of this academic year was to put in place a timetable to maximise on-campus activities and to put in place health and safety measures that were designed to allow us to maintain activities, even with Level 5 restrictions in place, to give staff and students some certainty. 

However, unfortunately, we all recognise that as a country we are in a period of heightened concern and hence additional Level 5+ measures are required, as alluded to in Minister Harris’s statement on 6 January and we are now putting in place the following additional measures to protect staff and students:

- Semester Two started as planned on January 18th, however, no on-campus teaching will take place during the Semester except in exceptional circumstances. These exceptions will apply to the following programmes, and activities will be scheduled when we are in a position to make specific plans. Students have been informed that Programme Chairs will be in contact with them: M.Ed. in PE; Jazz and Contemporary Music Performance (all years); BA Joint Honours Music (yrs 1-3); Athletic Therapy (2nd & 3rd years) and PE programmes (PEB/PEM)  and Engineering programmes (specific 4th year students who need access to specialist facilities/equipment)

- Campus Residences on the Glasnevin campus will remain open and operational for the remainder of semester 2 and continue to be open for applications.  Any student who is not planning to avail of their on-campus accommodation for the remainder of semester two can apply for a refund directly to Campus Residences.  Refunds will be dependent on rooms being vacated and checked and will be processed at the end of the semester. Short term stays will be available for nursing students only.

- We are also encouraging Heads of Unit, where feasible and appropriate, to distribute necessary campus time between staff and/or to operate in separate Pods.

- Where it is essential, due to personal circumstances or lack of access to reliable broadband etc – staff can access their workspace/office as all University buildings will be open but please note that buildings will be on reduced heating settings.

All DCU Buildings will move to staff swipe card access (8am-6pm) from Friday January 8th.  Buildings are closed on Saturdays and Sundays and can only be accessed by prior arrangement with DCU Security. If you require access to Senior House on the All Hallows Campus please contact DCU Security (01-7005999) when you arrive on the campus and they will provide access through the doors in the Dunboyne wing

Some Of What DCU Is Doing To Keep You Safe On Campus

  • All our spaces including classrooms, laboratories have been setup to support 2m social distancing.
  • There are over 180 alcohol-based hand sanitizing units in place across all campuses.  There are units at the entrance to every building and in high trafficked areas.  Please sanitizise your hands on a regular basis throughout the day.
  • We have an enhanced cleaning and disinfection programme is in place for all University facilities including regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces such as handrails, light switches, lift buttons etc.
  • Every classroom will have disinfection wipes – we are asking students as you enter the classroom to take a disinfection wipe and wipe down their desk area before each class.
  • The ventilation systems in all buildings have been modified to ensure no recirculating air is being used – all systems have been set to ‘fresh-air’ in-take only.
  • In rooms that do not have mechanical ventilation we are advising that doors and/or windows are left open to allow fresh air enter the room. This may result in slightly cooler environments for staff, students and visitors but your health and well-being is our priority.


COVID-19 Advice And Information

The most up to date information and advice is being provided by the HSE and the Department of Health. All staff can keep up to date on the developing situation from these sources:

Face coverings are required in all public spaces in all University buildings.

(For your information, this is the COVID-19 information video prepared by DCU for students)


It is important that everyone knows the symptoms of COVID-19 and monitors closely their own health and well-being. It can take up to 14 days for symptoms to appear.

The symptoms of COVID-19 are:

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 you should immediately self-isolate and contact your GP.

What To Do If Asked To Isolate Or Have A Positive Result For COVID

Staff should immediately notify their line manager who should subsequently notify the Office of the Chief Operations Officer (OCOO) at either:

  • the DCU COVID Helpline on 01-7007019 and provide details such as student/staff name and if available and Student Number and Course Code.
  • or by email to


Isolation Rooms

If you are on-campus when you develop COVID-19 symptoms, you should - if you can - go home immediately and contact your GP. If you cannot go home you can go to one of the COVID-19 isolation rooms on campus.

The following spaces are designated isolation rooms for staff:

  • Glasnevin Campus
    Student Health Centre, Henry Grattan Building 
    Phone: 01 700 5143 / 5766
  • St Patrick's Campus
    Student Health Centre, Block A 
    Phone: 01 700 9215
  • All Hallows Campus
    Room PG08 in Purcell House  - as there is no student Health Centre in AHC, please contact the Glasnevin Health Centre at 01 700 5143 / 5766.

The Health Centre will facilitate contact of a staff member’s GP and/or the HSE and assist with subsequent directives. Please add these numbers to your contacts list:

  • Outside of normal working hours and weekends – you can contact D-Doc North Dublin (The HSE’s out of hours GP service for North Dublin) at 1850 22 44 77

Contact Tracing

In order to facilitate contact tracing, DCU requests all members of its community including students to download the HSE COVID-19 Tracker App and to use the symptom checker on the App on a daily basis. More information about how to app works is available here.

By using the app staff will:

  • be alerted if they have been in close contact with another app user who has tested positive for coronavirus
  • be able to track any symptoms they have and get advice on what to do to protect themselves and others
  • be able to anonymously warn other app users that they were in close contact with, if they test positive for coronavirus

DCU as an employer, under the Government’s return to work regulations is required to capture staff member’s attendance on campus for work for contact tracing purposes only. As communicated previously, staff are being asked to download and use the ‘Check-in’ function on the DCU SafeZone App to ensure we comply with this regulation.