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Dr. Tim Downing is a Lecturer in Genomics at DCU's School of Biotechnology. His Infection Genomics research group investigates the evolutionary history, present-day epidemiology and future threats associated with bacterial and parasitic drug resistance using genomics, computational models and population genetics. 
  • Bacterial genome variation and the spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR)
  • Bacterial plasmid-chromosome co-evolution and population pangenomics 
  • Genomic diversity of Leishmania parasites and their drug-resistance evolution
  • Breast & prostate cancer 'omics and statistical interpretation
We use genomics, population genetics and systems biology approaches, with the  aim of understanding the evolutionary roles of recombination, hybridization and population admixture. These microbes in-focus evolve resistance to drugs by changing their DNA, and these potent mutations spread by mixing.

ph: 0035317007179
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Research interests

- Escherichia coli evolutionary, epidemiological and population genomics
- Bacterial pangenomics and interactomics
- Metagenomic populations and evolution
- Leishmania parasite genomics and evolution
- Prostate & breast cancer gene expression variation