Employers in Residence Student Information

We have a great new opportunity for you to meet with Employers on campus!

Employers in Residence showcases employers who recruit from DCU and provides great opportunities for you to meet with companies interested in hiring DCU students and graduates!

  • An opportunity to meet employers informally on campus
  • Learn about companies and their graduate jobs
  • Explore your options 

On set days between 11am and 2pm, Location: First Floor of the U Building

Drop by, with friends or by yourself and chat with employers at their Information Stands to find out about their organisation, graduate jobs, application process and opportunities for career progression.

We are currently planning Employers in Residence for January/February in Semester 2. 


Employers participate so they can share information about their organisation with you, learn more about you, build a relationship with you, and tell you about their graduate jobs and application process. Representatives are likely to be from HR/graduate recruitment departments and sometimes there are recent graduates, of whom you can ask more specific questions about their job/ graduate programme/ work culture. 


Be prepared!

Know what companies are coming: check digital signs around campus, weekly Careers e-newsletter, emails from your Careers Consultant and our events webpage.

Top Tip: check out the website of the employers who are attending, to familiarise yourself with who they are and what they do. Your knowledge and interest in them will help to make you stand out!


Here are some sample questions to ask the HR/Graduate Recruiters representatives:

What does your organisation do? (although you can impress them by doing some research on them first!) 

What skills do you look for in recruits?

What internships/graduate opportunities do you have available?

What is the application process?

Do you have any tips for the recruitment process?

How could I stand out in the application and interview process?

What is the best way to prepare for your interviews/ other selection methods?

What kind of opportunities do you have to progress in the company?

What is your work culture like?

Here are some questions to ask the Graduate representatives:

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

What’s been the most challenging part of your career to date?

What future roles are you excited about?

What skills, traits and qualifications are vital to succeed?

What was your recruitment experience like?

Can I connect with you on LinkedIn?

Be sure to get the name(s) of the company representatives that you speak with and send them a 'Connect' note on Linkedin. Customise the invitation by clicking the ‘Add a note’ option (you have to do this on a computer, not your phone) so that you can remind them that you met earlier that day at DCU; thank them for their time and any advice you got. Once they accept your connect invite you could also ask a follow up question or tell them you really enjoyed what you learnt from them and that you will be applying for X position.

N.B. Building rapport with company representatives can help them to remember you and therefore help you stand out in applications!

We are currently planning for Employers in Residence for January/February in Semester 2.

Semester 1 dates were as follows:

Accounting & Finance
Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th October

Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th October

Business, Management, Consulting, Marketing, Retail
Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th October

Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd November

Engineering & IT
Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th November

Science & Pharma
Tuesday 15th November

Do I need to bring my CV when I meet an employer?

It is not essential or expected that you have a few copies of your CV with you. You can bring a couple of copies of your up to date CV is you wish. Your CV can be a handy reference and aide-memoire for you when speaking with employers.

Am I expected to dress a certain way when I meet an employer?

There is no expectation for you to dress a certain way when meeting employers on campus for the Employer in Residence events. We would recommend however that you dress in a smart/casual way when meeting an employer. Making an effort with appearance is a mark of respect for those we plan to meet and creates a good first impression.

Can I ask about salary and other benefits?

It is best to first ask some of the questions mentioned in the 'Questions to ask the Employer' section above . You can then ask about salary and what other benefits the company offers and remember to be professional in your approach. 

I’m a Humanities/Social Sciences student - which employers would have jobs for me?

Humanities and Social Sciences' students are valued by many employers for; critical thinking, being creative and solution-oriented, research ability and skills in communication, presentation, linguistics, interpretation and analysis and digital literacy.
There are opportunities in many sectors for humanities and social sciences' students, particularly in Business and the Public Sector/EU. In 2021, 12% of graduate employers were looking to hire students from any discipline (AHECS Graduate Market Survey 2021).

Will there be any Employers in Residence in semester 2?

We may organise more Employers in Residence events in semester 2. Details will be announced through our usual channels of any upcoming events in semester two.