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Centre for Assessment Research, Policy and Practice in Education (CARPE)

Adjunct and Visiting Professors

John GardnerJohn Gardner is an Adjunct Professor within the School of Policy and Practice at DCU, and works primarily within CARPE as part of this role.   John's research interests include policy and practice in all sectors of education, particularly in relation to assessment and information technology.  He was a member of the globally influential Assessment Reform Group from 1994 to 2010, and currently holds the position of Senior Deputy Principal at the University of Stirling.

Gerry Shiel Gerry Shiel is an Adjunct Professor within the School of Policy and Practice at DCU, also working primarily within CARPE. Gerry is a literacy expert, and works as a Research Fellow at the Educational Research Centre, where he is involved in the development of standardised tests of reading, mathematics and science.  In 2015, he was the National Project Manager for the OECD PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) study in Ireland.  

Lisa AbramsLisa Abrams is a Visiting Professor in CARPE for the period May-July 2018.  Lisa is an Associate Professor of Research and Evaluation in the School of Education at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), where she teaches graduate courses in assessment, measurement, programme evaluation and educational research design.  She is a graduate of Boston College, with a doctoral degree in Educational Research, Measurement and Evaluation.  She specializes in test-based accountability policy, assessment design and data-use practice.  Whilst at CARPE, she will be working on a number of projects in the areas of test development and assessment literacy & professional development, with a focus on AfL.