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Food Charter

DCU Glasnevin Campus

Trispace Catering is committed to providing food to its customers that is safe, nutritious and culturally appropriate.

In practice this has a direct effect on how we prepare food and how we present information about our food to you the customer.

The following is a list of our practices and information that will help inform your food choices

  • Our kitchens operate using a Food Safety Management system
  • The Food Safety Management system has a series of checks to help prevent food becoming unsafe.
  • Our Scones are made freshly on the premises daily
  • Our tray bakes (i.e. oat crunchie, chocolate biscuit cake etc.) are made on the premises
  • A hot dessert with custard is available daily during the academic year
  • At least one Soup Choice per day is made without Flour
  • Our Soups are prepared with a low salt stock
  • Our Beef and Lamb is 100% Irish and is fully traceable
  • Halal Meats are sourced from fully credited meat suppliers
  • Halal Chicken is available on our sandwich counter
  • Each day at least one hot meal choice is available using Halal Meat
  • Ethnic dishes are prepared with integrity with key ingredients when available, alternatively, complementary substitutes are used
  • Nuts/Seeds and common allergens are stored in separate containers
  • Our menus describe the allergens present.
  • Food dishes that exclude the common allergens are prepared in a kitchen with the allergens present in the environment
  • Our menus have symbols denoting what common allergens are absent from the dish, but please note these dishes are prepared in a kitchen with allergens present
  • We favour baking, grilling and steaming food over deep frying
  • We link vegetables/potatoes/rice as an alternative to chips in food choice promotions
  • Fish is available in at least one of the outlets on a daily basis and we work with our suppliers to ensure our fish is coming from sustainable sources
  • Our menus are seasonally influenced to reflect the changing availability of locally produced food.
  • We only use Bord Bia approved eggs
  • The Fig Tree Cafe and the Business School Cafe hold Happy Heart Awards and follows strict criteria set down by the Irish Heart Foundation.

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