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Healthy Eating

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Happy Heart

Healthy eating is part of a wider approach to healthy living. Our cooking methods and dishes available at the Fig Tree Café are designed to help you to live well.

We worked alongside  the School of Nursing to meet criteria set down by the Irish Heart Foundation in relation to healthy eating and were awarded Happy Heart at Work designation in 2010.

The following are just some of examples of changes to the food offering in the restaurant:

  1. Two chip free days a week.
  2. Semi Skimmed milk used in cooking and in the speciality coffee machine
  3. Deep fried food is minimised. Grilling, baking and steaming are favoured.
  4. Smaller sizes of scones and bakery items available.
  5. Fun size chocolate bars available and healthier snacks.
  6. Carbonated drinks are not linked to meal deals.
  7. Increased availability and options in the salad bar.

We are always looking at ways to improve the healthy food offering in the Nurses restaurant and welcome your ideas/comments to

In 2014, we expanded our Healthy Eating Programme on Campus and the Business School Cafe has also been awarded with the Happy Heart Status

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