Industry Collaborators


The National Standards Authority of Ireland is an organisation that the CeIC collaborate with in regards to all things standards related.  Our director Dr Pamela Hussey is the chair of the National Standards Authority of Ireland Health Informatics Standards Consortium.  We are delighted to have accepted in October 2020 an award for the work that we have been doing with standards.  Read further about that award here 


The Adapt Reserach Centre is a long established SFI research centre specialising in a number of breakthrough technology.  The CeIC are collaborating with them in regards to SFI funding, sponsorships of scholars


DAVRA and Danalto are two private organisations that specialises in IoT (internet of things).  We are currently collaborating with them in regards to the NEX project.  To hear more about the work the work follow them on twitter


We have worked with the HSE on a number of projects through the latter years.  Our directors of the centre are constantly working and connecting with the HSE in an advisory capacity.  We welcome opportunities to collaborate in the future.


We are delighted to be able to share ideas and build our network.  OpenApp and the CeIC will continue to talk and discuss research topics  It is through collaborations that we have the chance to improve healthcare and deliver on our vision. We welcome opportunities to collaborate in the future,


The International Council of Nursing has recognised the CeIC as an accredited centre for the International Classification for Nursing Practice in Ireland.  Our director is an advisor to different agencies on topics relating to semantic and syntactic interoperability. Since 2016 I am  the Director of the DCU SNHS ICNP User Group an accredited research center for the International Classification for Nursing Practice in Ireland.

HealthTech Ireland

We are delighted to work with HealthTech Ireland.  We work with them in a capacity of knowledge transfer and consultation on occassion.  We were delighted to sponsor and award for the IMSTA in 2019 for Integrated Care Award.