International Organisation for Standarisations




“The CeIC are delighted to be collaborating with ISO on a project to map ISO standards to Sustainable Goal 3 (Good Health & Well Being) and investigate how ISO standards are supporting the achievement of this important goal. ISO’s mission is to support global trade, drive inclusive and equitable economic growth, advance innovation and promote health and safety to achieve a sustainable future. ISO provides a neutral platform where experts the world over come together to develop and agree on standards.”

DCU Research Lifecycle - Funding Result

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The grant application was completed by Dr Matteo Zallio from the Univesity of Cambridge.  Dr Zallio is a primary investigator with the CeIC and we are delighted to work with him in the delivery of this project.  Dr Das is a current MarieCurie Elite S scholar working in the CeIC and will work with the research assistant in the delivery of the project.

The funding grant information 

An interview by Dr Zallio on the research 

Check back here in the summer where we will have more updates on the progress of this research