"Lets drop the jargon: A Symposium on Digitalisation in Healthcare, interoperability and standards"

About the symposium

Let's drop the jargon: A symposium on digitalisation in healthcare, interoperability and standards

The Centre for eIntegrated Care (CeIC) & Elite S presented a symposium on standards in healthcare at DCU.  The day started with an education & operational theme showcasing current research at the CeIC.  This was followed by presentations outlining the need to use standards in research and how we can benefit from expanding our use of standards in future research.  In the afternoon a panel of experts from the Irish Platform for Patient Organisations, Science and Industry (IPOSSI) the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA), eHealth Ireland, University of Trento, National Health Intelligence Unit (NHIU), the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) & GS1 discussed the use of standards for the future development in Ireland.

Meet the Speakers
Meet the Speakers

We had 9 brilliant presentations from industry, education and European experts on what their research is about and the role that standards has in that research[CM1] .

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We had 9 brilliant presentations from industry, education and European experts on the role that standards play in their research.


Our speakers at the symposium

Video presentations

Check back soon and we will have a number of presentations ready to view

The Action Plan
Action Plan

The action plan from our symposium is about connection with the public.  We understand that the public need to know more about standards.  We plan on embarking on a Educational & Public Engagement (EPE) exercise.  

Word Cloud

Exploring a standards roadmap for Health and Social Care in Ireland

Dr Subhashis Das has created a word cloud from the presentations that were given on the day.  It will help explain in a summary what the symposium's message was on the day.