NEX Project Time line

The project is structured in three phases to achieve the overall project aim. 


The NEX Project

Phase 1 User Needs & Requirements

Phase 1

Phase 1 focused on identification of the user needs and requirements to inform the NEX system design. 

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Friendly Trial Study

Phase 2 - Friendly Trial Study

Phase 2 investigated the technical performance and participant engagement of the NEX system with older adults. 

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Action Research Study

Phase 3 - Action Research Study

Phase 3 of the project will commence in January 2022 and will incorporate the findings from phase 1 and 2 to inform the refined NEX system design. For this final phase of the project we are aiming to recruit 30 older adults aged 60 years and older being tested in the homes of participants for a 10-week period. Please get in touch with us via the contact us form or email to find out more about the trial and how you can get involved. You can read more about what is involved in this trial in the plain language statement linked here


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