Phase 2 - Friendly Trial Study

The next project phase, Phase 2 – the Friendly Trial, facilitated pilot testing of the NEX system where we focused on investigating the technical performance and participant engagement of the proposed “NEX system”.

To achieve this, we recruited 7 older adults (aged 60 years and older) to install the NEX system in their home for a duration of 10 weeks.

Covid-19 restrictions impacted our original study design which involved technicians and researchers visiting participants home for installation and training. To overcome the restrictions, the Friendly Trial was redesigned to involve self-installation of the NEX system by the participants themselves with remote support.


Key findings so far

  The NEX system design has allowed for the collection of rich and extensive health and activity data from users’ home environments.

  There are aspects of the current design that need to be improved upon to enhance adoption and usability i.e. the complexity of the self-install process, battery life of sensors and user acceptability of the wearable device used for the alert testing.

We found that participants were open to adopting the NEX system if it means that it supports their ability to be able to live independently at home for longer, thereby postponing potential entry to residential care.

  Participants review of their NEX system data highlighted that the user interface has clear potential to be a powerful mechanism of action which will impact on user acceptance and adoption of NEX.  So, from a design perspective, we need to carefully consider how we present the data to users going forward.