Phase 3 - The ARC Trial

Phase 3 The ARC Trial

For the final phase of the overall NEX project, we have taken on board the findings from the Friendly Trial to refine the NEX system and we now aim to trial this at a larger scale in the homes of older adults.

A key objective of this research study focuses on the use of the NEX system to collect data for the identification of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and the identification of longer term patterns of routine behaviour (periodicity) 

Activities of daily living (ADLs) are essential and routine tasks that most healthy individuals can perform without assistance. Therefore, the ability to detect whether older adults are routinely completing these activities is an important feature of the system.

For this trial we are aiming to recruit 30 older adults from Dublin and surrounding areas aged 60 years and older to test the NEX system in their home environment for a 10-week period.

The majority of study contacts will still take place over Zoom, however for this study the system will be installed and removed from participant’s homes by a NEX project technician.

Please read our plain language statement linked here which details exactly what is involved in the trial. Please leave your details in the contact us form below or email us at to find out more about the trial and how you can get involved.


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