Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a leading cause of death and disability worldwide. In Ireland, the number of people affected by brain injury, or the severity of the resultant disability, is unknown. This makes it difficult to plan for healthcare services. The study is the first of its kind in Ireland on TBI survivors’ path through rehabilitation.

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Principal Investigator Prof Anthony Staines

Lead Knowledge User Dr Brian Waldron

Co Applicants: Dr Catherine Corrigan, Dr Jacinta McElligott, Ms Sonya Gallagher, Prof Mark Delargy & Prof Teresa Burke.  Host Institution: DCU

Traumatic Brian Injury
The Aims of the TBI Study
  1. Estimate the number of people with moderate to severe TBI in Ireland
  2. Study how people use rehabilitation / community services
  3. Look at the consequence of TBI, on survivors, their families, health services and society
  4. Discover how we can improve outcomes and build better health services for TBI survivors and their carers
  1. We are looking at the medical records of two groups of TBI survivors from
    1. two major trauma centre to calculate the number and severity of traumatic brain injuries
    2. two major charity organizations and the National Rehabilitation Hospital to learn about the severity of their traumatic brain injuries
  2. We are surveying the same two groups of TBI survivors to identify
    1. disabilities they may have
    2. the rehabilitation that is/was recommended for them
    3. what rehabilitation services they used or are currently using
  3. We are surveying their caregivers to discover
    1. any difficulties experienced, and
    2. find out what is working well for them
  4. We will use existing routine data – Major Trauma Audit, Hospital In-Patient Enquiry, National Physical and Sensory Disability Database and Central Statistics Office data to estimate
    1. the prevalence and severity of TBI (18 yo and above) in Ireland
    2. the post-injury rehabilitation service needs and uses of this distinct population

The principal charities active in this sector, members of the public, TBI survivors and their carers (stakeholders), are involved in this innovative study. This is a historic opportunity for stakeholders to make recommendations on what really matters to them. The findings will be written in a way that can be used to guide policy makers toward the best services possible to improve health outcomes of TBI survivors.

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