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Our Strategy


Our strategy will help us deliver our vision and mission.  As we embark on the development of integrated social-culture, science, and engineering methodologies.  Using the tools, interaction protocols for a digital platform that will empower both the heath service and the citizen.

Our strategic plan 2020 – 2025 (?????) is based on 3 pillars.  They will be the foundation stones of the strategy and where our objectives stem

Pillar 1 – Open Science & Collaboration

The Open Science pillar will raise the level of excellence of Europe’s science base in order to make it more competitive on a global scale.

  • Patient Empowerment by facilitating understanding and learning medical information
  • International Collaboration with academic leads within the USA and Europe
  • Health & Social Care Data  to improve the patients access to their medical data
  • Integrated Care working with the patients and clinical staff taking their outcomes and experiences of healthcare and deliver on the new integrated care.

Pillar 2 – Global Challenges & Industrial Competitiveness

The Policy & Standards pillar will focus on working with both industry and academics to research, develop and assist the standardisation of both policy and standards.  Working with both of them to influence and set regulations of those standards.

  • Health Cluster
  • Adapt
  • Industry Group for Health & Social Care
  • International Collaboration PNU

Pillar 3:People and Ethics

We are informed by people’s needs and challenges which drives our need for expertise and talent to deliver solutions.