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Prof Dermot Diamond

Dermot Diamond Dermot Diamond
B.Sc., Ph.D. (QUB), PGCE, MICI, MRSC, C.Chem.
Science Foundation Ireland Principle Investigator in the ‘Adaptive Information Cluster’.
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Name: Prof Dermot Diamond
Phone Number: 5404
Room Number: L2. 39B
Email Address:

Name: Prof Dermot Diamond
Phone Number: 5404
Room Number: L2. 39B
Email Address:


Biographical Details

Dermot Diamond received his Ph.D. and D.Sc. from Queen's University Belfast (Chemical Sensors, 1987, Internet Scale Sensing, 2002), and was Vice president for Research at Dublin City University (DCU), Ireland (2002-2004).

He has published over 180 peer reviewed papers in international science journals, is a named inventor in 13 patents, and is co-author and editor of three books, 'Spreadsheet Applications in Chemistry using Microsoft Excel' (1997) and ‘Principles of Chemical and Biological Sensors’, (1998) both published by Wiley, and ‘Smart NanoTextiles’, Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, Volume 20, 2006.

Professor Diamond is currently director of the National Centre for Sensor Research at DCU ( and a Principal Investigator with the Adaptive Information Cluster (AIC), a major research initiative in the area of wireless sensor networks founded by Science Foundation Ireland (see He was formerly the vice-president for research at DCU (2002-2005). He is a member of the editorial advisory board of the international journal ‘Talanta’. In 2002 he was awarded the inaugural silver medal for Sensor Research by the Royal Society of Chemistry, London, and in 2008 he was received the DCU President’s Research award. Details of his research can be found at

Research Interests

His research interests are broad, ranging from molecular recognition, host-guest chemistry, ligand design and synthesis, electrochemical and optical chemical sensors and biosensors, lab-on-a-chip, sensor applications in environmental, clinical, food quality and process monitoring, development of fully autonomous sensing devices, wireless sensors and sensor networks. He is particularly interested in the using analytical devices and sensors as information providers for wireless networked systems i.e. building a continuum between the digital and molecular worlds.

Recent Publications

  1. Internet Scale Sensing, Dermot Diamond, Analytical Chemistry, 76 (2004) 278A-286A
  2. Chemo/Bio-Sensor Networks, Robert J Byrne and Dermot Diamond, Nature Mater., 5 (2006) 422-424.
  3. Photoswitchable Surfaces for Sensing Applications, Robert Byrne, Aleksandar Radu, Nameer Alhashimy, Conor Slater, William S. Yerazunis and Dermot Diamond, Proceedings of the European Coatings Conference ‘Smart Coatings V’, Berlin, Germany, May 15 th and 16 th 2006, pp. 65-76.
  4. Biomimetic, low power pumps based on soft actuators, Sonia Ramırez-Garcıa and Dermot Diamond, Sensors and Actuators A 135 (2007) 229–235
  5. Photonic Modulation of Surface Properties: A Novel Concept in Chemical Sensing, Aleksandar Radu, Silvia Scarmagnani, Robert Byrne, Conor Slater, King Tong Lau and Dermot Diamond, J. Phys.D; Appl. Phys., 40 (2007) 7238-7244.
  6. Preparation and sensor evaluation of a Pacman phthalocyanine, Shane O’Malley, Benjamin Schazmann, Dermot Diamond and Kieran Nolan, Tetrahedron Letters 48 (2007) 9003–9007.
  7. Integration of Analytical Measurements and Wireless Communications – Current Issues and Future Strategies, Dermot Diamond, King Tong Lau, Sarah Brady and John Cleary, Talanta 75 (2008) 606-612.
  8. Wireless Sensor Networks and Chemo/Bio-Sensing, Dermot Diamond, Shirley Coyle, Silvia Scarmagnani and Jer Hayes, Chemical Reviews, 108 Issue: 2 (2008) 652-679.
  9. Polystyrene Beads-Based System for Optical Sensing using Spiropyran Photoswitches, Silvia Scarmagnani, Zarah Walsh, Conor Slater, Nameer Alhashimy, Brett Paull, Mirek Macka and Dermot Diamond, J. Mater. Chem., 2008, 18, 5063 – 5071
  10. Towards the development of a fully integrated polymeric microfluidic platform for environmental analysis Sonia Ramırez-Garcia, Mireia Baeza, Martina O’Toole, YanzheWu, James Lalor, Gordon G. Wallace, Dermot Diamond, Talanta 77 (2008) 463–467.
  11. Photo- and solvatochromic properties of nitrobenzospiropyran in ionic liquids containing the [NTf 2] (-) anion, Byrne, R.; Fraser, K. J.; Izgorodina, E.; MacFarlane, D. R.; Forsyth, M.; Diamond, D., Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics 10 (2008) 5919-5924.
  12. "Development of an Autonomous Greenhouse Gas Monitoring System", Breda M. Kiernan, Cormac Fay, Stephen Beirne, Dermot Diamond, Proceedings of World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology Vol. 34 October 2008 ISSN 2070-3470 pp153-157