Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (DC162)

Applying the fundamentals of chemistry to develop pharmaceutically relevant molecules and materials
To study Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences apply using the CAO code DC162 or Chemical Sciences General Entry (DC163) upon successful completion of Year 1
Why is it exciting?

Chemistry plays a significant part in our daily lives and has a wide range of industrial applications. Chemists develop new materials, drugs and pharmaceuticals and design cleaner and more efficient process to produce them.

In the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences course, you will develop a deeper understanding and skills within both a theoretical and applied chemistry. The major emphasis is on applications and industrial relevance, particularly in pharmaceutical industry, with theoretical and practical skills taught through hands-on application.

What will I study?

In year 1 you will study the fundamental basis of chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and practical laboratory sessions which are of a vital importance in the later years.

In year 2, the mainstream chemistry lectures and laboratories are developed in pharmaceutical chemistry, mathematics, computing and biochemistry. In these you will be assisted by fully trained laboratory tutors and our award-winning technical team.

An integral part of year 3 is the industrial placement programme (INTRA), which ensures you gain experience in the application of chemistry in a real-world environment.

A major element of final year in the individual research project, consisting of a literature review on a particular topic, followed by laboratory-based research work in your area of interest.

Training for the future

The course provides industry-relevant and professionally oriented approach to help you find meaningful employment after you complete your degree. The programme is designed towards learning relevant skills and competencies, rather than purely discipline-specific knowledge, which differentiates you from other candidates.


With the large scale of chemical and pharmaceutical industries in Ireland and internationally, chemistry graduates are always highly sought after. Those who choose to study Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences will find themselves in particularly high demand in field involving drug formulation and product development. Graduates can opt to work for pharmaceutical industries but could also choose to continue with research and specialise in a topic of interest.