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The School of Chemical Sciences, Dublin City University, is one of Ireland's most progressive and highest achieving Schools with outstanding facilities, housed within a modern and dynamic city campus.

From the very early years of Dublin City University, the School of Chemical Sciences has played a significant role in the rapid development of the University to the point where we can now compete with some of the best European Universities. Key to this has been our continuous development of relevant degree programmes

The B.Sc. (Hons) degree programme in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science, is designed for students who want to pursue an interest in chemical & pharmaceutical science, which have been key employers in Ireland for the last 35 years. The students acquire the knowledge and skills needed seek employment in an analytical, synthetic or pharmaceutical or industries, or to pursue postgraduate studies in analytical, physical, synthetic or pharmaceutical chemistry. Our goal is to help our students to develop the ability to critically evaluate, and then to solve, chemical and pharmaceutical problems. In the first two years we concentrate on developing competence in undertaking experiments and in data evaluation. In the later years these skills are developed, in conjunction with further instruction on the underlying science, to prepare students for the challenges of the modern industrial or research laboratory.

The first undergraduate programme the School offered was the B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Analytical Science. This unique interdisciplinary degree has evolved over its 25 years to remain the degree of choice in Ireland for undergraduates wishing to obtain an understanding and appreciation of modern analytical technologies, and how these are applied to solve real chemical and biological problems in industrial, environmental and forensic contexts. The degree programme is specifically designed to allow students specialise in years three and four of the degree, choosing to select either 'Analytical Biotechnology' or 'Environmental and Forensic Analysis' as their area of specialisation.

The option to participate in a field programme abroad to study environmental analysis in year three is also provided. As with all degrees offered within the School, the programme also provides the undergraduate with a full six months paid industrial placement (INTRA), in which the puts into practice the acquired theory and makes vital connections with potential future employers.

The excellent course content and applicability of the B.Sc. (Hons) Analytical Science Degree (Environmental and Forensic Analysis option), together with the School's other B.Sc. (Hons) degree programme in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science, resulted in these two degree programmes being the first in Ireland to be awarded the prestigious Eurobachelor label.

In response to the growing need to understand and address emerging global, national and local environmental issues, the School of Chemical Sciences has recently been involved in the development and delivery of a new degree programme in Environmental Science and Health. The programme is a multi-School initiative within the Faculty of Science and Health, including contributions from the Schools of Physics, Biotechnology and Nursing. The Environmental Science and Health degree delivers both an understanding of each of the fundamental sciences behind current environmental issues, together with an appreciation of the environmental and social health affects such issues generate. Typical modules delivered within this exciting new programme include, Atmospheric and Aquatic Chemistry, Chemical and Environmental Waste Cycles, Pollution and the Biosphere and Environmental Sciences and the Law. Once again, the undergraduates taking Environmental Science and Health will be given the chance to participate in the international field programme.

At the postgraduate research level, the School of Chemical Sciences possesses an outstanding track record, currently home to more than 95 postgraduates students, engaged in taught and research based M.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes, in diverse fields. These range from the development of chemical and biological sensors, and intelligent materials, to drug design and discovery, and advances in science education. The School houses a suite of state-of-the-art research equipment including high resolution electron microscopy and a range of both mass and magnetic resonance spectrometers.

Postgraduate research in the School is supported by the School of Chemical Sciences Technical team, who offer a range of services for both academic and postgraduate researcher alike.  For a complete overview on the range of services provided, please visit the Chemistry Technical Services Website here.

Researchers based within the School of Chemical Sciences constitute major contributors to the research activities of a number of internationally significant research centres based within DCU, most notably the National Centre for Sensor Research and the National Institute of Cellular Biotechnology. The School itself is one of the most successful Chemistry Schools in Ireland for attracting large scale research funding, with our researchers having significant roles within four recently established, nationally significant university/industry collaborative initiatives, in biomedical diagnostics, biofermentation process analysis, separation science and marine monitoring. Ambitious and highly motivated individuals with an interest in pursuing postgraduate qualifications through research by working within some of Irelands most productive research groups, are encouraged to consider the excellent opportunities available within the School of Chemical Sciences, Dublin City University.