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Tia E. Keyes

Tia E. KeyesTia E. Keyes
GRSC, Ph.D., M.R.S.C., C.Chem. CSci
Associate Professor, Physical Chemistry

Name: Prof. Tia Keyes
Phone Number: 8185
Room Number: X113
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Supramolecular Interfacial Photochemistry & Nanobiophotonics

My groups research interests lies at the interface of inorganic chemistry, biology and spectroscopy and include projects in the following areas:

• Photochemistry and spectroscopy, in particular, electronic, Raman, and time-resolved spectroscopies applied to the study of Electron and Energy Transfers in supramolecular and heterogeneous assemblies.
• Supramolecular interfacial chemistry; development of photoactive arrays which incorporate controlled degrees of inter-component, and interfacial communication for solar energy conversion and nanoelectronic devices.
• Luminescent polymers and wires for electrochromics and electrochemiluminescence.
• Nanoscale Interfacial platforms for surface enhanced bio-Raman spectroscopy and enhanced luminescence.
• Luminescent probes for heterogeneous microenvironments and biomaterials and cellular imaging.

Recent Representative Publications

  1. Sensitization of Photo-Reduction of the Polyoxometalate Anions [S 2M 18O 62] 4- (M = Mo, W) in the Visible Spectral Region by the [Ru(bpy) 3] 2+ Cation. Nigel Fay, Victoria M. Hultgren, Anthony G. Wedd, Tia E. Keyes, Deirdre Leane, Alan M. Bond, Dalton Trans, 2006 , 4218 - 4227.
  2. S-Nitrosylation of Platelet IIbβ 3 As Revealed by Raman Spectroscopy
    Walsh, G. M.; Leane, D.; Moran, N.; Keyes, T. E.; Forster, R. J.; Kenny, D.; O'Neill, S. Biochemistry, 2007; 46 ; 6429-6436 .
  3. Self-Assembled Monolayers of γ-CD on platinum via pyridine surface linkers; characterization and molecular recognition properties. Colm T. Mallon, Andrea McNally, Elena Campagnoli, Zoe Pikramenou, Robert J. Forster, Tia E. Keyes. Langmuir, 2007, 23, 6997.
  4. Photoinduced Energy Transfer in Zeolite Y, G. Sewell, T.E. Keyes, J.Phys Chem A, 2008, 112, 5, 880
  5. Hg-Pt Tunneling Junctions Incorporating Host-Guest Complexes; Colm T. Mallon, Andrea McNally, Tia E. Keyes, Robert J. Forster, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2008 , 130, 10002
  6. Luminescent Polyargenine peptides with Tethered Ruthenium Luminophores: Membrane Permeable Probes for Cellular Imaging, Yann Pellegrin, Ute Neugeburger, Marc Devocelle, Robert J. Forster, Niamh Moran, Dermot Kenny, and Tia E. Keyes, Chem. Comm., 2008, 5307.