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School of Chemical Sciences

School of Chemical Sciences

School of Chemical Sciences and NCSR Seminar Program


* 2010-2011 * 2009-2010 *



Oscar Potter, National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training
New materials and techniques for miniaturized chromatography: Boronate affinity polymer monoliths, photochemical eluent control and Chip-LC-MS of glycans

Wed 07/12/11
3pm, XG21

Pat O'Neill, Process Development Centre, Pfizer, Cork.
Enzyme Catalysis in Commercial Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Wed 30/11/11
3pm, XG21

Dr. Johannes Notni, Pharmaceutical Radiochemistry, Technical University Munich, Germany:
Development of gallium-specific cryptands for application in Ga-68 positron emission tomography

Wed 19/10/11
3pm, XG21

Dr. Vignesh Muthuvijayan, Department of Biotechnology, IIT Madras:
Utilizing natural thromboregulatory mechanisms for improving haemocompatibility of biomaterials

Wed 07/09/11
12.30am, X130

Prof. D. S. Argyropoulos, Organic Chemistry of Wood Components Laboratory, Department of Forest Biomaterials, College of Natural Resources, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, US:
Factors Affecting Wood Dissolution and Regeneration of Ionic Liquids; Opportunities & Challenges for Biorefinery Technologies.

Fri 02/09/11
11am, XG21

Prof. Mario Ruben, Institut de Physique et de Chimie des Matériaux (IPCMS), Université de Strasbourg (UdS), France& Nanotechnology ”Functional (Supra)Molecular Nanostructures” Institute of Nanotechnology (INT), Karlsruhe, Germany:
Supramolecular Spintronic Devices

Tue 07/06/11
3pm, XG21

Prof. Tanya Monro, University of Adelaide, Australia:
Measuring the unmeasurable: new photonics based approaches to liquid sensing

Wed 01/06/11
3pm, S206/209

Dr. Grace Morgan, Dublin City University, Ireland:
Spin Switching in Solution and Solids: New Materials for Data Storage

Wed 11/05/11
3pm, XG21

Prof. Gordon Wallace, ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES), Intelligent Polymer Research Institute, University of Wollongong, Australia:
Organic Bionics - Nanodimensional Cues for Nerve Cell Growth

Wed 20/04/11
3pm, HG09

Dr. Andrew Kellett, School of Chemical Sciences, DCU:
DNA Activation by Phenanthroline Dicarboxylate Complexes: New Frontiers for Metal-Based Drugs?

Wed 13/04/11
4pm, XG21

Prof. Janusz Zakrzewski, University of Lodz:
Friedel-Crafts Acylation in the synthesis of novel SHG-Active Molecular Materials and Bioprobes

Thu 03/03/11
3pm, HG08
Dr. Scott J. Dalgarno, Department of Chemistry, School of Engineering and Physical Sciences Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland:
Metal-organic calixarene assemblies
Fri 25/02/11
12 pm, XG21
Dr. Ben Buckley, Loughborough University, UK:
The Application of Copper(I) Ladderanes in Organic Synthesis
Fri 18/02/11
3.30 pm, XG21
Prof. Martin Wills, University of Warwick:
From asymmetric hydrogenation to hydrogen generation
Fri 04/02/11
2 pm, XG21
Dr. Allen Northrup, Microfluidic Systems Inc, Berkeley CA:
From Micro to Nano and Everything in Between
Mon 20/12/10
11am, HG18

Dr Dafydd Owen, Pfizer Sandwich:

10-10.50 - Successful Drug Discovery and Development at Pfizer: Thanks to Organic Synthesis

10.50-11.00 Coffee & Tea/Biscuits

11.00-11.50 - Hit to Lead Chemistry in Two Mechanisms for Tackling Pain

Fri 26/11/10

10-11.50 am, X101

Chris O'Brian, Dublin City University:
Recycling the Waste: The Development of Phosphine/Phosphine Oxide Catalysed processes
Wed 27/10/10
3-4 pm, XG21

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Prof. Milan Pour, Department of Inorganic and Organic chemistry Faculty of Pharmacy Charles University, Hradec Kralove, CZ:
Development of New Natural Product Derived Antifungals and Antineoplastics
Wed 26/05/10
3-4 pm, XG21

Society of Chemical Industry Event:
Title: Green Chemistry in Ireland: including highlights of Environmental Technology projects funded by the EPA
Registration required

Thu 15/04/10

10 am - 5.40 pm

Location: The Gallery, The Helix

Dr Nick Greeves, Department of Chemistry, Liverpool, UK:
ChemTube3D Animated Interactive Organic Mechanisms, Solid State lattices and Polymers
Wed 28/04/10
3-4 pm, XG21

Dr Dafydd Owen, Pfizer, UK:

3-4 pm MedChem Talk: Hit to Lead Chemistry in Two Mechanisms For Tackling Neuropathic Pain (45-50 mins)

4-4.15 pm Coffee Break

4.15-5.15 pm Synthesis Talk: Successful Drug Discovery and Development at Pfizer: Thanks to Organic Synthesis (55 mins)

Wed 21/04/10

Prof. Andrew deMello, Department of Chemistry, Imperial College, London, UK:
Microfluidic Approaches to High-Throughput Chemistry and Biology

Wed 24/03/10
3-4 pm, XG21

Prof. James Durrant, Department of Chemistry, Imperial College, London, UK:
Nanostructures for solar energy conversion: a photochemist's viewpoint

Wed 03/03/10

3-4 pm, XG21

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* 2010-2011 * 2009-2010 *


Prof. Janusz Pawliszyn, The University of Waterloo, Canada:

New Developments in SPME and Related Sample Preparation Techniques

Fri 18/09/09

11-12am, XG21

Prof. Mike Ramsey, University of North Carolina:

Nanofluidic devices for characterising single molecules of DNA

Thu 24/09/09
2-3pm, XG21
Prof. Cornelius Ivory, Washington state University, USA:

Electrophoretic Traps

Fri 25/09/09
11-12am, XG21
Prof. James Clark, Green Chemistry Group, University of York:

Green Chemistry and the Biorefinery

Wed 30/09/09
11-12am, XG15
Prof. Dimitris S. Argyropoulos, Department of Forest Biomaterials, North Carolina State University:

Opportunities & Challenges for Ionic Liquid Utilization in the Forest Biorefinery

Wed 14/10/09
3-4pm, XG21
Dr Robert Stockman, University of Nottingham:

Combining Two-Directional Synthesis and Tandem Reactions for Natural Product Synthesis

Wed 11/11/09
3-4pm, XG21
Prof. Cornelius Ivory, Washington state University, USA:

Four-Dimensional Separations

Wed 25/11/09
3-4pm, XG21
Dr William Goldring, Queens University Belfast:

Useful Building Blocks for the Synthesis of Biologically Active Natural Products

Wed 02/12/09
3-4pm, XG21
All students, postgraduates and staff in the School are welcome to attend the seminars    

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Prof. Jan Biernat, GDAŃSK UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, will be presenting a postgraduate lecture course under the ERASMUS program



Surface chemistry, application of chemically modified siliceous materials
Mon 25/05/09
10-12am, X130
X-ray structures of ionophores versus selectivity of membrane electrodes
Wed 27/05/09
10-12am, X130
Modified carbon nanotubes and their application in bioelectrodes
Fri 29/05/09
10-12am, X130
All students, postgraduates and staff in the School are welcome to attend the course and support this postgraduate training opportunity.    

Molecular Catalysts, Recycling and Cascading with Bugs and Ionogels

Dr Andrew Marrs, Centre for the Theory and Application of Catalysis, Queens University Belfast

Contact Nick Gathergood to arrange meeting with Andrew Marrs during his visit (x7860)

Tue 10/03/09

3pm, HG19

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* 2010-2011 * 2009-2010 *

The aim of the seminars is to provide the opportunity:

  • To allow postgraduate students to develop their skills in presenting their research to an audience;
  • To allow new members of the School of Chemical Sciences to present their work and establish collaborations;
  • To inform the Research groups about new research results;
  • To allow internal and external speakers to introduce to the Centre interesting new and existing research areas;
  • To invite speakers to visit the School of Chemical Sciences, contact its members and talk about their research.

We strongly believe that this seminar series provides unique opportunities to all of us and we anticipate the active participation of all members of the School of Chemical Sciences.

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