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Civic Engagement: DCU in the Community

Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement at DCU

The university is doing far more that preparing its students for employment: it is seeking to help create fully rounded citizens of their community. DCU's Civic Engagement Strategy is focused on enhancing citizenship and community sustainability and to foster lifelong learning. The potential benefits for the community and university alike, are considerable.

Strategic Objectives

The Civic Engagement Strategy is based on three overarching strategic objectives:

  1. To share knowledge through a sustainable university-community dialogue based on the principles of respect and equitable dialogue.
  2. To strengthen the incentives and resources for educational growth and development in the wider community.
  3. To become Ireland's first sustainable university, Sustainable DCU.

For more information on these objectives please refer to the DCU Civic Engagement Strategy 2009-2011

Some of the initiatives DCU are engaged in, with regards to Civic Engagement, include: